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@OfficialValentinaRivera: I need hot chocolate😭 #givevalentinahotcoco

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@StefanieGarcia: OfficialValentinaRivera Get one yourself, you lazy ass😘


 @OfficialValentinaRivera: StefanieGarcia I  c a n ' t !!! I'm at my appointment !!!


@username1: ooh what appointment? i wonder username2


@OfficialValentinaRivera: username1 Just a routine check-up at the doctor's office, no biggie!


@username3: OfficialValentinaRivera i hope you get your hot chocolate soon!!!

New Text Message from Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan

Hey, so I'm at the place!

Want me to grab you that hot chocolate

Twitter tells me you're craving?

BTW, #givevalentinahotcoco ?


Valentina R.

I really love my hot chocolate!

And yes please, I shouldn't be too long now!

Number 12 is the hot chocolate of the Gods, btw.

Sebastian Stan

1 caramel hot chocolate with

chocolate sprinkles and whipped

cream coming your way

Valentina R.

You're a lifesaver, Stan.

I'm leaving the Dr's office now, should be there in five!

Sebastian Stan

See you in a few!






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