Chapter Eleven- Tear Me To Pieces

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Chapter Eleven- Tear Me To Pieces

June 14th: Waning Crescent

    It was a calm morning as Snow and I sat on the couch watching a soap opera on TV. Simone was out in her garden doing whatever it is people do in gardens. I thought that maybe it would be nice of me to try going to help her out, but couldn't bring my lazy self to get up from the couch. It was probably starting to become more than a little worry inducing that I was spending so much of my time watching dramatic television. Snow on the other hand didn't seem to care too much as his eyes closed and his breathing became a slow even pace. 

    That animal had been anything but peaceful that morning, though. It began around five in the morning when I felt saliva lopping up against my cheek. At the time I'd been having quite a fabulous dream where I was in the arms of a highly attractive man I'd seen in one of my soap operas. You can guess my concern, though, when in the dream the guy licked my cheek rather than kissing it.

    So, I lugged myself out of bed and watched as Snow - supposedly still having a hurt paw - sprinted off to the back door like a dog would as he waited to go outside. Letting him outside, I let him do his business and was surprised when he bolted back into the house and went straight to the kitchen. Seriously, for an animal that was supposed to be hurting he had a lot of energy and I soon came to realize that he had a huge appetite. Simone and I hadn't been able to go get him any kind of food so we resolved on feeding him any raw meat we could find in the fridge. This proved a bad idea since he ate four steaks on his own.

    As I thought about this, Snow stirred on my stomach and let out a sigh of content. There was no denying that he was the most adorable thing ever and I couldn't begin to think how I would come to part with him when I found out where I really belonged. That is IF I ever found out where I had come from. To be honest, I hadn't made any effort to figure it out and I doubted anyone else was looking into it for me.

    The shrill doorbell rang, startling both Snow and I from our comfortable states. I thought it strange that if Simone was outside working with her garden that someone would think to come ring the doorbell. Were they dumb or something? Obviously if there was someone already out there was there a need to come to the door?

    With an aggravated growl, I set Snow on the ground and made my way over to the door. If I happened to know the person at the door then they were so going to get it. I could see that Snow was thinking the same thing as he sniffed under the door, trying to gage who'd decided to disturb our peace.

    I didn't bother looking through the peep hole before opening the door, but I immediately wished I had. Haden stood there, clad with a fake smile as he pushed past me into the house with Simone calling after, "Amanda you didn't tell me Haden and you were friends! Have fun you two!"

    There was no time to yell to Simone that Haden and I were definitely not friends because Haden slammed the door, shutting us out from the outside world. Thankfully I had Snow to protect me if anything happened. Well, that is until I looked around and saw that he'd gone to hide somewhere. Worst watchdog ever!

    "What do you want?" I asked, my voice shaking a lot more than I wanted. The honest truth was that I was still afraid of him and that I was scared he would hit me again. Maybe he hadn't been in the right state of mind that day he'd said I was supposed to be dead, but that didn't make it any better.

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