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i've felt it.


i had it.


i suffered from it.


every word of it.

there was a guy who broke my heart. and i cursed him so much that i've been a b*tch to every guy i meet. i've even made a promise to myself.

then came this one guy in my picture.

and now to promise?

i keep on breaking it.

not because of me.

but of him, it's always him.

and will always be him.


NOTE: haha. may note talaga?

this story is purely fictional. wala talaga halong katotohanan. ito ay nakabase sa takbo ng utak ng manunulat. any resemblance to places, events, and/or names, dead or alive, are merely coincidental. there are words that may not suit you. kaya pasensya po. hehe.

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