Chapter 07

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The shade on my eyes are getting a little irritating, I can't remove it because my eyes are different, I'd rather wear this than get attention.

It's been a few days since I left, I've stayed away from the forest and went out to the city, this saves me from all the troubles from bumping into a group of rouges to accidentally entering another Pack's territory.

Walking down the road, I took out my spare phone and opened it, I have turned it off since I left so they won't be able to track me down, I decided to call the Red Moon Pack, I'm sure they are extremely worried about me.

A few rings and i was greeted by Steffany

"Hello?" gloom and stress laced on her voice and a pint of guilt hit me.

"Steff. It's me." a few more seconds of silence then I heard a scream, so loud I had to take my phone away from my ears.

"Celestine! You! Do you know how worried I-"

"Celestine." this voice sent shivers down my spine, hearing his voice made me miss him, again, my mate.

I think my voice got caught on my throat, why is he still there?

"Tell me, Where are you?" he sounded firm and I had to flinch from his tone.

"I'm sorry. I promise I'll go back, after I find them." It took me all I had to mutter those words and hanged up, I got into a bus and sat at the very back, I managed to somehow tape my phone below my sit, if i had known he was there I wouldn't have called, now they probably would know I'm in the city, might as well follow this bus.

After taping and securing it down, I got off on the next stop and left it there, it'll buy me time.

The moment I stepped out, I felt my head throbbing and vision getting blurry and darker, I forced my self to walk until I found an alley and settled myself down.

Are my parents contacting me? This helped me feel comfortable the pain wasn't as bad as it was before. Fortunately it's bearable.

I'm thankful that this alley is quite dark, I could see few people walking on tye streets. The sky was painted with oranges and reds when the pain disappeared, It somehow showered me with relief and disappointment.

Letting out a sigh, I stood up and started walking, I do have some money, I have everything ready on this bag.

I masked my scent before entering a coffee shop, I need my drink.

I was greeted by the aroma of coffee and pastries, I settled my self away from the window and sat in the place near the books, this place is quite good. I ordered a regular iced coffee and relaxed on my sit while waiting.

"Celestine? Hey is that you?" an unfamiliar male voice called me out. Crap, have they found me? I took a whiff to get his scent, I immediately frowned, his scent is altered but not enough to fool me. He's a warlock.

Turning my head, I saw a man with jet black hair and eyes, he was also wearing an all black clothes, from his long sleeves to his pants and shoes that complimented his pale skin, the thing is he wasn't unfamiliar to me at all.

"Kade!" my eyes widened under my shades as I shot up of my seat.

"The one and only, Kadenicus Sylvatre." he gave me a hug before we sat down on our chairs.

How can I forget! Kade was like a second brother to me, the fact that we actually look alike is just a plus.

"It's been so long! How did you know it was me?"

"We might not have seen each other for years but that doesn't mean i'll forget how you look like." he laughed a little.

"Your scent is altered...wait, are you hiding?"

"No I'm not! I'm just practicing."

"Oh..What are you doing here?" I said after the waiter served my order and took his.

"I visit the city sometimes but this time I was sent by The Great Witch, but hey shouldn't I be the one to ask you that? Why are you on the loose?" he crossed his arms and acted as if he was interrogating me.

"Its a long story Kade.." I said as I let out a sigh and took a sip of my coffee, all my humor and sarcasm seemed to have gone away.

"Make it short then." he raised his brow and I can't help but send him a glare.

"I found my mate and... ran away." I muttered looking down.

"What? Why the hell would you runaway Celestine?"

"I told you it's a long story!" I rolled my eyes at him as he shut his eyes and scratched his head.

"Okay. Okay. Don't get mad, it's scary. Um..Do you have a place to stay at?"




"Stay at the coven, and tell me the story. Come let's go. " as if it was a done business he grabbed his coffee and strutted out of the coffee shop, and I rolled my eyes at him and as I didn't have any other choice, I got up and followed him.

We went behind the coffee shop before he started chanting, a blueish door popped out of nowhere.

"That's cool." he winked and gave me a grin. I laughed at his cheekiness.He took a hold of my hand before entering the entrance.

The other side of the door was the said "coven" he waved his hands and the door dissapeared like smokes. Again that was cool, we are walking on the hallway, I let my eyes wander around the place and I must say that there is a ton of wood furnitures here, as we continued to walk, I noticed that Kade is acting a little strange and he would frown every now and then while looking around, he has not gone crazy right? Right.

"What's wrong Kade?" before he could answer shattering noises were heard from the Door on our right.

"No one is here! Not a single witch!" I heared an elderly female say furiously through the doors.

"How can we kill them if they're not here?!" she continued.

I shifted my eyes to Kade and he placed his finger on his mouth, telling me to keep quiet. I'm not feeling good about this. I just hope this is not trouble, but who am I kidding, when the word 'kill' is involved.

He mouthed the words "How many are there" as he pointed at the door where the sound came from.

I sniffed the air, focused my hearing, and lifted four fingers. There were four witches inside. He wrote something in the air with a blue spark like ink and it says "we have to get out of here"

He motioned me to follow him, we were about to enter a room but I think the witches discovered us, The door busted open and just in time we closed ours.

I moved both or my hands, from the side I swung them forward and controlled all the things in the room, the bed, the sofas, chairs and table flung towards the door and I took it further out until the door broke and the furniture covered the witches. Serves you right!

I slowly pressed my hands together and I heard the screams of the witches below. The furniture broke and an eldely witch rose, she was wearing a black robe and black veins seaps through her neck. Her eyes were as pitch black as her lips. She looks crazy.

I was thankful that Kade was fast, he casted a spell and the same entrance earlier popped out, we didn't waste a moment and entered it before we get caught.

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