Ben X Jen

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Ben shredded his guitar behind his back, shamelessly showing off for the fans. Jen, playing the drums like a boss, rolled her eyes at the boy.
As soon as the song ended, Korey bounced over with a grin on her face.

"Don't think I didn't see that." She grinned.

"Oh stop." Jen rolled her eyes again.

Korey smirked and stalked over to John who was talking to the fans. She evidently didn't mind interrupting her husband.

She whispered something in his ear that nobody else heard.

John threw his head back and laughed, addressing the crowd.

"Guys, Jen is blushing!" He grinned.

Ben flashed a mischievous smile at Jen, making her blush even more. Jen covered her hands with her face.

"Stop!" Jen yelped in embarrassment.

The crowd laughed heartily, making Jen and the others fall about with laughter.

"Alright don't tease the poor girl!" Ben chuckled, taking Doggy's microphone.

"We'll leave that up to you." Korey replied sassily.

Another laugh went up in the crowd. Jen shook her head, her face almost as red as her hair.

Ben laughed again, then went serious.

"Let's get this sorted eh?"

He glanced over at Jen, who was still blushing furiously, and winked.

Ben dropped the mic and practically swaggered over to the huge drum set. The hype was starting up amongst the fans, not to mention Korey and John.

Ben used two fingers to lift Jen's chin up to his own, his other hand taking her hands in his.

Without a word Ben pressed a small kiss to Jen's lips. The crowd went wild whilst Korey and John's squeals were drowned out by the drumming in Jen's ears.

He pulled away gently and gave her a small smile, before returning to his guitar. Jen blushed throughout the rest of the concert.

The show ended and Skillet bounced off the stage, leaving the crowd hungry for more.

"Are we doing an encore Doggy?" Ben asked.

"You could go out and give them one of your shreds perhaps." John noted with a grin.

Ben smirked, readjusting his guitar and leaping back out onto stage. Jen went to watch whilst the Coopers went to find the kids.

She smiled as the brown haired boy waved manically to the crowd.
Silently, instead of shredding, Ben began playing a very familiar song.

"Pretty woman, walking down the street..." He sang gently.

"Is he singing?" Tate Olsen asked, almost appearing out of nowhere.

Jen merely smiled, grabbing her sticks and bolting out onto the stage. She immediately leaped into her drum set and began a beat, much to Ben's amusement.

"Oh pretty woman!" Ben laughed, playing his guitar beside Jen.

The song ended, Jen and Ben waving at the stunned crowd before leaving.

"That was awesome guys!" Korey grinned.

Xavier, the youngest Cooper, leaped into his 'brother's' arms, giggling happily.

"Hi Xav." Ben greeted, ruffling the kid's hair.

"You kissed Jenny." Xavier laughed.

Ben rolled his eyes and looked over at Jen.

"I did." Speaking to nobody in particularly.

Jen knew Ben was looking at her, evidently expecting something. Her heart was full of happiness and her stomach had turned to butterflies

"Just go and kiss him." Korey laughed, noticing her friend's flushed look.

"I can't." Jen spluttered, feeling all embarrassed.

Korey rolled her eyes and pushed Jen towards Ben. John, noticing the determined look in his wife's eyes, took Xavier from Ben's arms.
Jen tripped, thankfully being caught by Ben.

"Sorry." She mumbled.

"Don't worry about it." Ben replied.

"So...that happened." Jen grinned.

"Yeah, it did." Ben returned. "I hope I wasn't too forward."

"Not at all."

The two stood in awkward silence till Xavier gave a loud sigh of boredom.

"Can you just kiss already!?"

"Xavier!" His older sister Alex scolded, clapping her hand over her brother's mouth.

Jen laughed, allowing Ben to plant a small kiss on her cheek by surprise. She squealed loudly and once again, blushed.

"Is this how it's gonna be all the time?" John sighed with amusement, Kory punching his shoulder gently.

"For now." Ben winked.

Jen offered a small smile, leaning up against him the way she always did.

"For now."

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