Chapter 78.

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Suman's POV.

"What do you think about this one?" I asked Shravan, pointing at a photo on my mobile screen.

"A red coat?" he frowned at the screen and I nodded.

"I have been checking a number of options. There are so many choices and designs available and I am getting confused. So I thought first I will check the store's website before heading to the mall for shopping." I said as I flicked the screen to the next page.

"That seems a good idea." Shravan said "But why red? Will you be wearing such a bright coat?"

I laughed. "Shravan it's not like I wear only dull colours. I prefer lighter or earth colours, but I do wear bright shades too sometimes you know."

He shrugged smiling. "I love it. I have some meetings with clients today. I will take you shopping tomorrow or maybe over the weekend."

"It's not for me It's for Preeti. And don't worry, this mall is quite close. I will manage on my own." I said, not wanting to bother him. He seems to be quite pre occupied since last evening. Probably due to some new case.

"For Preeti?" He asked frowning even as Pushkar who was sitting in the adjacent couch watching the morning news was trying his best to seem not interested. I almost laughed at his attempt to make a poker face and seem completely interested in the news.

"Yes." I answered Shravan "I was thinking of buying a purse for Mami." I mumbled while still trying to figure out which one.

"You want to send them gifts? Check with the shops for delivery options. Or let me know I will get them couriered." Shravan said looking up from the file he had been shoving in his bag.

"No no. I was planning on the gifts to take for everyone when I go back to Delhi." I said as I looked on the screen.

"What are you talking about?" The steely edge in Shravan's voice was unmistakable, making me look at him curiously.

"Shravan what's wrong?" I asked him.

"You will have to tell me that Sumo." He said raising his voice slightly. "You are the one who is talking about going back to Delhi.

I sighed "Shravan don't overreact. I am not saying am returning tomorrow or something. I am just trying to plan out things so that there is no rush at the last minute." I said trying to pacify him.

"What made you want to plan all of a sudden?" He asked, his voice still having the steely edge.

"Not suddenly Shravan. It's been over two months since I came here and I would be eventually returning-" I started to say but his crisp, full of rage voice did not let me continue.

"Fine. If you are so keen to go away I will book your tickets and you can get out of here as soon as possible."

"Shravan I did not say that!" I shouted back. What is wrong with him?

"Don't bother Sumo. I get it you are in a rush to go back to Delhi so I will see you are on your way soon." He said his tone clipped as he gathered his coat and stormed towards the door.

I felt my temper rise "Good. "I shouted after him "Infact I will try my best to ensure I am gone before you return home today."

I flinched as the door banged behind him loudly.

Pushkar got up and started walking towards the door. "Don't worry Sumo. He is probably just overreacting at the thought of your going away." Pushkar said and I glared at him.

"He seems pretty keen to get rid of me." I spat out, still angry.

"He may be upset since his father is leaving for Delhi tonight. You know him. He will never show his emotions." Pushkar said and I felt my temper drain out immediately. He is right.

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