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Lexa Woods

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Bright lights fill the streets of Oakwood Plaza in Hollywood. A figure emerges from the doubled doors of Regal Cinemas.

Screams erupt, attempting to grasp the movie star's attention.

"Who are you wearing tonight?"

"Did you really walk off the set?" 

"Are you and her dating?"

"Is it true that you cheated on her last year?"

"Is it true that you slept with Costia Frost?"

The cameras shutter and eject a blinding flash of white every movement the star makes. She pushes through the crowd of people, pulling the hood of her jacket farther over her head, trying to block out the roars of the mob.

"Lexa over here!"

"Did you really get arrested?"

She stops dead in her tracks and turns to face the now silent reporter who's eyes seem to have tripled in size.

"No, I didn't. But if you keep talking I am sure I will after I beat the shit out of yo-" "okay! Lexa that is enough." A tall, dark colored woman hisses into Lexa Woods' ear before smiling out to the audience standing before them.

"Sorry folks! Lexa has had a pretty busy day. She's quite exhausted and we must get her home now. Thank you for coming to the premiere!" She waves and drags the young actress' arm towards the long, slick black limo awaiting them.

"I was handling that," the green eyed celebrity mumbles as she pulls her hood down once she is situated inside the vehicle, revealing her long, silky brown hair pulled into a side braid trailing from the top of her head, to the bottom, draping over her left shoulder.

"Handling it or making your image even worse than it already is?"

Lexa sits, unfazed by her manager's words.

She only opens the cooler in between the two women and pulls out an ice cold bottle of Corona. She grabs the opener from the side and pops the top off, carelessly drinking her alcoholic beverage.

"My image is fine, Indra." 

Lexa shrugs and sips her beer once again, her eyes falling down to her phone that is billowing with text messages and social media notifications.

The older woman becomes irritated before she spits back, "not when it is ruining your career. Your behavior lately has become unacceptable! The press has officially labeled you 'Hollywood's bad boy'! Your reputation has become abysmal and your name hasn't been out of the press in months! You're all over the headlines."

Lexa shrugs, "all press is good press."

She goes for another chug but Indra snatches it away, "not when all it does is give you a name that causes movie producers to fear having you on their sets."

The manage slaps her hand down on the cooler top, making it slam shut, Lexa looking down, then up at Indra with an amused grin.

"Careful Indra. Don't want to pop a hip now do we?"

She sighs in response, leaning back in her seat with a hand over her face, "Lexa. You have crossed the line. The first incident I could handle but this? It's all way too much."

Lexa shakes her head with a chuckle, "I have not. Indra, I am a teenager." She attempts to brush off the situation but even Lexa knows deep down that her behavior has gotten way out of hand.

"Exactly. You are a teenager. You should be doing teenager things."

The sudden change in Indra's tone catches Lexa off guard. The green eyed girl raises an eyebrow and speaks with caution, "where are you getting at, mother?"

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