The adoptive mother bites her lip, fearing her daughter's reaction.

"Well I put a lot of thought into this. And I have come to a final decision. It's that..." She trails off, her mind taking interest in the passing cars.

"Indra," Lexa demands, a grunt hiding behind her voice.

The older woman takes a deep breath in, looking into her daughter's green eyes.

"You're going to high school."


Clarke Griffin walks downstairs in a white skater skirt and a black crop top, her light blonde hair bouncing on her shoulders.

"Morning Mom," she kisses her mother, Abby's cheek, causing the woman to smile, "morning sweetheart. Eat up."

She hands her daughter a plate of eggs, bacon and waffles, then pours herself a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

"Morning family," Marcus Kane, Clarke's step-father descends the stairs with a wide smile plastered to his face as he kisses Clarke and his wife.

"Breakfast's for you," Abby sing-songs, pointing at the table.

As her parents discuss about the hospital gossip and which attendee is sleeping with which intern, Clarke's attention is caught by the television on the wall.

She reads the news headline:

Lexa Woods: Back At It Again

"Can you turn the volume up, please?" She questions and her mother nods, "sure." She raises the volume and Clarke focuses on the reporter, already annoyed with the topic, knowing this is at least the 20th time she's seen a news report on Lexa Woods.

"Last night, after the Hollywood premiere of 'Grounders: The Revolution', new action film featuring all of Hollywood's A-listers, juicy events took place. This is the third and final movie in the Grounders series. Lexa Woods, who plays lead role of June Taylor, leader of the Trikru rebellion, fighting back against the Azgedean empire to win their rights and equality back and restore peace in all of the country they live in. 

Lexa's character has won her 2 oscars as the best Actress in a Lead Role, 8 Teen Choice Awards, 6 MTV Movie Awards including her MTV Trailblazer Award, and finally 5 People's Choice Awards, along with her Choice Movie Icon Award. With all of her success off of just one character from a movie, Lexa Woods became a millionaire at the young age of 14.

Being in the industry since the young age of 4, Lexa has had a lot of pressure on her in Hollywood. And lately, it seems like the fame has certainly gotten to her head. Just last night, while being asked if she was arrested, Lexa approaches the reporter, screaming into his face. She threatens him violently before being whisked away by Momager, Indra Porter. Will the bad boy of Hollywood ever get herself under control?"

Clarke snort as she shakes her head, "most likely not."

"Actresses. So ungrateful for the lives they have," Marcus shakes his head and Clarke chuckles, "agreed. She has millions of dollars and uses it to buy cars and stuff she doesn't need. Not only that but just because she is rich she thinks it's okay to treat everyone else as if they are below her."

"Now, Clarke. Don't go around judging someone you don't know. That girl is always being talked about. How do you think she feels?"

The blonde stands up and puts her plate in the dishwasher, "I think she doesn't feel at all. She has no heart, mother."

Abby shakes her head, "you have no idea what her story is. They are just headlines. The press always lies. The reaction you are giving right now? It's giving these people the money they are looking for. The more juice they give, the bigger the reaction, resulting in the bigger wads of money they claim."

Clarke can't help her eyes from rolling, "okay but explain the videos of Lexa Woods being a class-A jerk?"

Abby sighs at her daughter, "I am not defending her sweetheart. I am just saying, she is living a completely different life. A lot more pressure on such a young girl. Don't judge her unless you actually know her."

The 16 year old girl grabs her school bag and mumbles, "I know her enough already. Bye. Love you." She waves at her family, then leaves her house in time to catch the school bus.

As she watches her house fade in the distance, Clarke thinks to herself about the news from the morning and her mother's words. All Clarke knows is that she hates selfish celebrities. But most importantly, she hates Lexa Woods.



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