Chapter Two

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This, is about inhumanity, must I remind you. In Axminster, Dexter was a very well known lad for his generosity and loyalty to his work. The locals loved him, even if he didn't work in the carpet or textiles department. His cattle had very rich meat, which was sold to international exports which made Dexter very wealthy. True, he wasn't a very dashing man, but he stood for himself with great honour. Dexter loved his wife, and would do almost anything for her. He vowed that he would always keep faithful to her, and Donna much the same. He also loved his father, his sons, and his newly wed daughter-in-law but not in the same way. Yes, you could describe these two as the fairytale couple. But you musn't imply the defintion of 'love' yet into this interesting chemistry, as, not even the knowledgeful dictionary knows the true defintion.

Ronald Thomas was the founder of this kindling notion, and a very smart thought it was. When Ronald was a yee old boy, he finished school very early, grade nine, so he could supply some money to yield for his family. He bought a cow calf from his fiesty Uncle, and a hefty price that was. He found that money by exchanging the empty soda cans he found to the local black smith, who burned those metals to create other metal works. He rasied the cow on his own, with much intended 'tender loving care'. It provided milk for the family; and once it grew to a ripe age, it left the family with two lovely cubs and old meat, which was enought to provide the family adequately. Not to go on about the likes of an anecdote, but that is a brief history of the bright epiphany a man once had.  

Donna Thomas was a very traditional woman. She was raised as a Jewish child and had grown mature, confident and into quite a femme fatale, currently supporting her share of the 'mean green' by working at the Axminister boutique. She was strict, and down to earth. Yet, she was a caring mother all the same, willing to risk her life for her children, and her husband. Donna came from an orphanage, where she grew up with only her friends and a few mere possesions. She had a gold necklace, a hand sewn handkerchief and one small creased picture of her parents. They had to send her away because they couldn't provide a healthy lifestyle for the young girl. She was only four, but she was confident and willing to let go of her parents for their own benefit. She hadn't seen them since. She never weeped for anyone, not even her loved ones; because she knew she had to keep her family together, even if she was permanently damaged, never to be mended.

Elijah Thomas. The cheekiest of the Thomas household, moved away from his oddly tranquil kin, to work in London, where he met his lovely wife; Sara Wenchester. They had only married months ago, so she isn't within the Thomas household knowledge, quite yet. So, we must proceed with the Elijah description.  He was more of the attention seeking type, muchly egocentric; but still empathised for the unfortunate ones. He had a short temper and a firey attitude, so best not to test it. He was, to satisfy the minds of the young girls, fit. In an attractive sense. No, he didn't have women, "dripping from his arms", nothing of the sort. His personality made sure of that. He had quite a negative vibe if your were within his momental radius. He was much an assertive being, more of the likes of obstreperous.  He was very releastic and always got straight to the point, this made him sound authoritative. This, made the better of him, of course.

But may our attentative listening, eaves-drop on this coincidently timed conflict. Shall we?

"Why Christian? He doesn't even care about this company Dexter."

"You-you know why it's better if Christian were in charge."

"No, I don't know, so please appeal to my ears."

"Elijah, do your mother and I have to go through this again with you? You have Sara, a very loving and caring wife, and you two are expecting a son soon; Christian on the other hand would rather sniff flowers."

"That is my proposition! Christian doesn't stand a chance against all the other marketers, he's lack of enthusiasm in this field of work is disgusting, you know that. He's not even close to being wed yet, and I at least have my son to take over this buisness after me. This family will go downhill, after all of Ronald's work; if you let him in charge."

"You have a valid point there, but he needs to learn more about his family history then you do. He needs to learn why we are here now Elijah, and most of all he needs to understand how this agricultural export is far more extraordinary than a few measly plants."

"Fine father, you get your way this time, but soon, you will know, that you have made a wrong turn. You most definitely will not have reached your destination, but way further than once planned."

"Alright enough chit chat, Sara is outside waiting for you, don't hold her up, you have to leave to the city."

"Right. Farwell old man."

"Love you too Elijah."

The response that came was a quite click of the front door, followed by a low hum of a cool red 2010 Chevrolet Impala.  Donna walks in, carrying a bundle of miscellaneous papers. "Hey hun." Donna gave a quick peck on the cheek, and smiled warmly. "He's not responded well to this decision." Dexter says, brushing Donna's hairs out of her face. She nodded solemnly. "I thought that would happen, he's never been the one to support his brother."

"I'm starting to believe, niether have I." Mr Thomas hangs his shoulders.

"Your having a hard time taking it in that's all. Soon his dream will warm up to you. It's not that far from agriculture anyway honey."

"I wish I was as optimistic as you."

"I know Dexter, I've been told, numerous times."

"I'm not at all suprised."

"Yeah, well you shouldn't be."

Donna gave him a small understanding look. "Look, I have to drop into town for a few, I have to meet up with picky Mr Bradman." Dexter sported a disapproving expression. "He put a complaint in again? Donna, I don't think you'll ever please his nessesities, he's a bottomless bottle."

"See you in two honey."

"Fine, leave me all alone again Mrs Thomas. So be it."

She gave him another quick heart filled kiss, and left Dexter at the other side of the lavish wooden rectangle. That one thing, obstructed Mr Thomas from the things he needed most.

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