|Atlas| "Rapture's Ours."

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"Of course I did, You look beautiful tonight."

You blushed and smiled under his gaze. He took your chin with his hand and gently kissed your forehead.

"You know how proud I am of you right?"

You smiled and nodded.

"Sometimes I wish I could rule Rapture with you by my side..."

You tilted your head in confusion

And that's what he did.

"He's changed..." You crossed one leg over the other as you looked to Jack. "You have a smoke?"

Jack rooted in his jacket and pulled out a box; he opened it, the musky scent filled your nose as he handed you one. You raised your hand towards your mouth, and a small flame spat out from your finger.

"In what way?" Jack enquired.

"He's power hungry..." You sighed.

"Do you still love him."

"Of course, my love for him hasn't changed since the night he told me he wanted to rule Rapture with me..."

You stood from your position and walked towards a glass window, placing your hand on the glass, following a bubble as it escaped from below. Only to go up and pop at the surface.

"However... He isn't ruling a kingdom. More like a children's fish tank...."

"Y/N darling come here." A voice echoed from another room.

You instantly moved, your hips swaying side to side, leaving Jack behind. You glanced behind and smiled.

"Now go on, get gone and do as he says."

You threw the stub of the cigarette to the floor, standing on it with your heel. You swiped a card that hung around your neck into the card reader. The door swept up and you walked through, the door shifting down afterward.

"What is it Atlas." You called.

He stood by a window that was carved into a far wall. Your heels clicked as you walked towards him.

"Our little friend has been acting a little ... Odd recently."

"Jack? In what way."

"Since he killed Ryan, he's been getting help from little miss motherly and her little sisters. For his problem..."

"Atlas... You know who's son he is. Right..."

"Yes, he's mine..."

"No, you know the truth, I know you do. He's only wired up to you..."

Atlas turned to you a slight frown on his face.

"Alright, he's Ryan's... Is that what you wanted to hear Y/N! Is it!" He yelled.

You folded your arms.

"Atlas... Do you need me to get rid of him?"

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