|Atlas| "Rapture's Ours."

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'See the pyramids along the Nile, watch the sunrise from a tropic isle, just remember darling all the while, you belong to me

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'See the pyramids along the Nile, watch the sunrise from a tropic isle, just remember darling all the while, you belong to me.'

Her voice rang through the theatre. A pearly white smile shone out into the dark aura where the audience sat.

The black gown that elegantly lay on her shoulders drowned her slim figure perfectly. The microphone sat neatly in her two small hands as she continued to sing into it. The crowd listened in awe. A middle aged man sat behind a table on his own, a cigar fixed in his mouth, the smoke billowing from it. The gray color swirled into the air, dancing to the smooth rhythm of the song the girl sang. His dark eyes gazed at her longingly before returning to his hand which he raised, taking the cigar from his lips.

'You belong to me...' She finished the song blissfully, the crowd clapped and cheered as she walked off stage.

💕 Your POV💕

The clapping continued as you walked backstage.

"That was Sander Cohen's songbird everyone." The announcer began. You sighed and walked towards the exit, taking a cigarette from Cohen's hand which was held out towards you.

"You did marvelous little Songbird." He sang. Your gaze averted to the man's face, you sighed and raised the cigarette to your lips before taking a puff and moving the cigarette down towards your thigh.

Being his Songbird was tough, the fame overwhelmed you, you could barely walk around Rapture without people swarming in on you. However, you owed him everything, your entire life in fact. Sander found you abandoned and alone, your family disowned you. So now Sander was practically your guardian.

"Thank you..." You sighed taking another puff of smoke from the cigarette. You looked around and took your bag from Cohen.

"The night is cold little Songbird, will you be flying away alone tonight."


"Very well, Adieu my little Songbird."

You walked away, your heels clicking quietly along the paved street. You looked around, out into the glass that surrounded you. Keeping the water out from Rapture. You sighed and walked on.

Footsteps echoed around you; you glanced towards the direction where a lamp flickered softly. You squinted, looking further into the darkness, noticing a tall, muscular figure. The figure emerged from the darkness revealing themselves. You smiled and briskly walked over before embracing the man in front of you.

"Atlas. You came."

He wrapped his arms around your form, taking in your scent. He smiled over your shoulder.

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