"it's platonic."

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awsten and travis read this. fuck.

It was a really hot summer day, and geoff and awsten had just finished moving into their newly shared apartment. they both collapsed onto their bed as jawn, zakk and otto leaned against a couple of empty boxes that were built up against a wall.

both boys were thankful their friends were willing to help them with the moving - obviously with a bit of bribing (also known as free food), but still agreed nonetheless.

"so, when're you guys getting married?" otto asked, sharing a glance or two with both zakk and jawn.

"we told you guys, it's totally platonic. we're a couple of friends, it's totally normal to have a roommate." awsten replied, turning his head to look at geoff.

"yeah, it is totally normal." jawn cut in. "it isn't, however, to sleep in the same bed as said roommate."

"c'mon man, we're broke. It totally makes sense. mattresses and bed frames and all that shit are so spendy, we can't afford that, i'm on a teacher's salary. easier to just sleep on the same one." geoff replied, rolling his eyes before checking his phone. "shit, i gotta get to work soon. told the sub i'd take over by third and i'v e got some paperwork to do beforehand."

geoff shot up, hair a complete mess, as awsten  did the same. geoff smiled softly before pecking awsten's lips, whispering an "i love you, bro. no homo," before getting up and heading out their bedroom door. awsten called out an "i love you too!" before he heard the door slam.

"what the hell was that?" jawn questioned. otto crossed his arms and raised his eyebrows as to signal that he agreed with the (florescent) red head.

"oh, that?," he paused to crack his neck, "best friends say i love you when saying their goodbyes all the time." awsten replied casually, now sitting up on the bed.

"but they don't fucking kiss when they leave." zakk continued.

"um, that wasn't a kiss. i was just trying to like, taste the pie he ate earlier. you guys didn't hear that part, obviously." the blue-haired boy responded reaching over to their end table, grabbing a half-full glass of water off of it, chugging every drop. he felt a bead of sweat slide down the side of his forehead.

"awsten?" otto said, phrasing it as if it were an inquiration.

"mhm?" awsten replied as he set the glass down, eyes darting away from his best friend's face.

"that's just as gay as if you were to actually kiss."


"so, geoff, what are you and your boyfriend up to lately?" alex, one of geoff's co-workers asked as they both hung out in the teacher's lounge. alex smiled widely, as he was well aware that geoff and awsten continuously insisted they weren't an item.

"we aren't boyfriends, mr. gaskarth." geoff replied, taking a sip of his coffee before sighing loudly.

"oh, you're engaged now? congratulations! i wonder if this teacher's lounge has any champagne hidden in it-" alex said, looking around as if he were serious. then again, mhe and his fiancé had been to their christmas party last year - that in itself confirmed neither of them were straight.

"oh, ha-ha. very funny." geoff responded with the roll of his eyes. he took yet another large sip of his coffee and sat it back down loudly, making it spill a little. he muttered a "shit!" under his breath.

"just a joke, geoff." mr gaskarth replied, continuing to grade a paper that was laid out on the table in front of him.

geoff gave his co-worker a glare. "a joke everyone makes. it's getting pretty damnit old."

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