Chapter Two: "Don't ever invade my privacy again."

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My first night on the Jolly Roger was a little rough. I got pretty seasick, and ended up throwing up over the side of the ship more than once. Hook gave me a potion that would keep me from getting seasick the rest of the journey. He also told me first times are always a little rough.
I wrote in a journal quite a few times, and then finally decided to contact Henry. I pulled out a hand mirror, that would show me Henry. It cost a lot, but it was worth it.
Soon enough, Henry appeared. He was looking at another mirror that would show him me.
"Hey, mom." Henry said with a little relief on his face.
"Hey, kid." I smiled widely back at him.
"How are you?" He asked me.
"I'm good. Got a little seasick last night, but I'll be fine."
"That's rough. What about this captain? What's he like?" Henry was really curious about Hook.
"Well, he's not the greatest person in the world, but he is pretty helpful. He gave me my own room and some potion to help with the seasickness."
"Really? Wow!" I laughed at his sudden enthusiasm.
"How's Granny's?" I asked. Henry was staying with Granny while I was away.
He made a weird face. Then he touched his cheeks. "She pulls my cheeks a lot."
I laughed, and so did he.
"Well, its better than nothing, right?" He nodded.
I heard Hook call me for me, so I turned to Henry.
"Got to go, kid. I'll talk to you later, okay?" I told him.
He nodded enthusiastically.
"Be a good almost 14 year old." He laughed, and I blew him a kiss. Then I put the mirror down. 
Henry's birthday was in a few days, and I was disappointed that I wouldn't get to be with him. But this was for him. So it was kind of his late birthday present.
I found Hook outside my door.
"Holy Crap!" I yelled, seeing him so close to my room.
"Were you listening to me?" I asked, immediately cautious of my privacy.
"Maybe a little." He grinned devilishly.
"What the hell?" I said, blocking my room by holding my arms out to each end of the door.
"So you have some sort of magical object?" He asked, trying to peek through my arms.
"None of your business." I spat. He smirked and pressed himself closer to me.
"Actually, as your captain, all your business is mine." He said to me, using his only hand to grasp onto the doorframe like I am.
"Go away!" I yelled and stepped back into my room. I released my hands from the doorframe, and I slammed the door right in his face.
I heard him utter a sigh, and then I heard the patter of his boots as he walked off. I turned my back to the door and slowly slid down the cold, polished wood.
I pulled my knees to my chest and fiddled with a lose string on my pants. I wasn't sad, more annoyed and aggravated. He was budding into my personal life, something that I would not let anyone enter. Not even a stupid, perverted Captain.
I punched the floor once, instantly regretting it because my knuckles stung like hell. I then stood up, took a deep breath, and opened my door.
I knocked on the Captain's door once.
When there was no answer, I knocked again, this time twice.
Knock knock.
I groaned when there was no reply so I did one of those annoying knocks that have a tune to them.
Knock knock kn-knock knock, knock knock.
I groaned once again when no one answered the door.
Then I goddamn pounded on that door.
Finally Hook opened the door, his shirt lose and his hair messy.
"Bloody hell, Swan!" He exclaimed, looking annoyed out of his mind.
I almost laughed. He looked ridiculous.
"What are you doing? Drinking? Taking several women to bed? Both?" I laughed at my own humor.
"Ha ha," he said giving me a handsome death stare, if there ever was such a thing, "And yes, there was some rum involved." He grabbed for his hook, which was on a side table that I could see, and fell over.
"Some?" I said sarcastically, and peeked into the room. There was no woman.
"So you're just, what, drinking by yourself? Or is there an imaginary friend?" I had to get back at him for invading my personal space.
I shouldn't have used that approach though, because even though he was drunk, he was still the same ruthless pirate.
Hook quickly had moved me into his room, tackled me to the ground, and the sharp metal tip of his hook, pressing to my throat.
"You really think that you can get away with all this? I am the captain, I make the rules. This is my ship. I'm giving you a final warning. Do not insult me or try your little tricks again. Am I clear?" He asked in a hard, cold voice.
"Fine. But don't ever invade my privacy again." I spat back at him.
For a second he pressed the metal to my throat a little harder, but then something made him stop. Something made him stand up, and let me go without a scratch. Why? Why didn't he just make me walk the plank, or some other pirate thing? He just let me leave with another warning.
At that moment, I decided that the feared Captain Hook had a thing for me, and that I wasn't to confront him again.

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