Part 6

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He was beyond angry with her... Yes, he should have come clean and just tell her but the moment she began to talk about going to another man to just get her pregnant... The rage just clouded his mind and the next thing he knew, he was taking her again... He shouldn't have done that, but her skin felt so good under his hands and she was so responsive and willing, she was an enthusiastic partner ready to learn whatever he wanted to teach her.

Yes, he shouldn't have done that, because now he was missing her all over again. Especially her satisfied moans and pants when he pleasures her and also the way she arched under him offering herself completely... It has been pure madness but he didn't regret it one bit, even if now the receptionist was looking at him weirdly as he crushed the receipt under his hand. He just needed to distract his brain, because those thoughts will get him nowhere. He took a deep breath and turned around as he waited for his credit card to be charged. Wrong move.

In that moment Nadine came sailing out of the elevators, bag in one hand, messy ponytail bouncing from side to side, that damn golden dress and those killer heels that made her look like a goddess thrown into earth to drive men crazy, those sinful curves and alluring eyes, she was the complete package and to know what was under all that, just made him want her all over again. 'Fuck.'

He looked at her for a long while, watching her fast approach to the counter, she looked mad, really mad, but he was mad too so nothing to do until the storm blew past them... Something that looked like it was fast approaching.

He was waiting, just waiting until he noticed the group of men coming out from the hotel's restaurant; they stared at Nadine as she passed beside them. She didn't pay them any attention, she stride with purpose and full of confidence as she approached him. But on the other side, those men keep their nasty gazes on Nadine, perusing her from head to toe and back again... Something primal snapped inside of him as he watched them look at her, he knew what they were thinking and he didn't like it a little bit.

So, without another thought he moved forward to meet her halfway, she didn't have time to even say a word. He just grabbed her bag with one hand; the other wrapped around her waist to bring her closer, her surprised gasp giving him the perfect excuse to just kiss her and inserts his tongue inside her mouth. To his surprise she was kissing him right back, her hands around his neck running in his hair, their tongues meshing together fighting for power, but in the end she surrendered and he took the opportunity to lightly suck her tongue, she moaned and her legs failed her, but he steadied her by bringing her closer to his body. Yes, this was heaven... They were madly kissing in the middle of the foyer of the hotel and they couldn't care less.

The moment they stopped her eyes were unfocused and her breath came in rapid pants. She was so responsive and willing, all that lost knowledge thanks to bastard JC was giving him the opportunity he needed to not just teach her new things but also show her how a true lover cared for his partner.

He looked up and saw the men giving him some nasty glares; he just smirked and turned around with Nadine in his arms, to walk to the counter. He signed the papers and received back his credit card. Nadine was coming back to her senses but he didn't give her time to think as he guided her to the valet parking area.

The moment they turned in the corner she was as calm as she could be. She looked at him as he kept his gaze on the road. "Why you did that James?"

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