Demonica Island

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Run, Guy Dangerous, Run

That's all I ought to tell myself. To run, jump or duck.

How have I gotten into this situation?

Well, it all started 5 days ago..


"They say there is this unnamed idol in the temple found in Demonica Island" my friend, Barry Bones, narrated. "They say the place is scarier than hell itself, but they're willing to risk their lives for it." Barry drank another glass of beer. "If owned, the idol will give you good luck. I mean intense luck! Someone had it long before and he won the lottery, had a hot wife despite his ugly face, his mother got cured from cancer and a lot more luck!"

We were all laughing. I bet none of us believed in his story. But if that was true, I could really use that idol.

I live an unlucky life now. My wife and I are not in good terms, my children are rebels and we're running low on cash. I don't think they still care about me. I could be gone for a week and they wouldn't notice.

"Guy Dangerous seems quiet, I guess he's interested. He could really use that idol!" Scarlett Fox exclaimed. We all laugh. Apparantly they all agree.

"Ehh, it's true. Too bad I don't have a map to Demonica Island." I said jokingly.

But someone thought I was serious. "I know a friend who does." Francisco Montoya announced. "He has attempted to get the idol himself but he chickened out before he oculd even enter the temple."

"Oh GD, you could ask for the map! You should try it, what have you got to lose?" Barry suggested. "I could give you a free ride. I could use my helicopter."

"Can I come with you? I've always wanted to see Demonica Island. I just want to take a few pictures." Scarlett pleaded. I know Scarlett,she's one adventurous girl.

"Guys, guys, I was just kidding. I can't leave my family alone." I said.

"Seriously? Dude, let's face facts here, they don't care about you anymore! If not for that incident-"

"Stop!" I stammered, interrupting Francisco, "I don't want to talk about it."

"C'mon GD, please? We haven't been in a real adventure for a while." Scarlett hinted.

"This will be one adventure we'll never forget, what do you say?"

I see all their eyes pointing at me. Scarlett's, Barry's, Francisco's.

I sighed, "Fine."

Whoo! Oh yeah! I hear them exclaim. Maybe this isn't such a bad idea after all.


"Hey Wonder." Francisco called, as he entered a wooden house. It seems old but it's stlll sturdy enough to live in.

"Hey Frank." Zack Wonder replied, "What brings you to my humble home?"

"Well, I'd like you to meet Guy Dangerous, but we call him GD."

"Hi GD, I'm Zack nice to meet you." he said while shaking my hand.

"And we would like to borrow your map to Demonica Island. Can we?"


"The monkeys are your enemies. Whaaaaat? What was that supposed to mean?" Barry said laughingly.

A let out a little laugh, but I could still remember his face as he said the words he delivered while he gave us the map.

"Having that Idol is a blessing, it's the best thing that will ever happen to you. But be warned. One touch of the Idol you can never let go, if you would, you'd be the unluckiest guy in the world, literally speaking. Demonica Island is a very dangerous place. Now, I was lucky that I still survived. But if you're planning to get the idol, you have to compose a plan. Every delicate procedure and detail should be perfect, or else you will be eaten by the demons, costing your life. And remember, the monkeys are your enemies. If you die, it's game over."

Things things don't usually bother me but I admit, I was quite terrified. But I still decided to push through. I'm beginning to believe in this idol thing. They're all up for the adventure, but I'm all up for the idol.


It's a 26 hour trip to Demonica Island. I already smell bad from the sweat, but so does everybody else. Good thing we had a lot of food in store. We're all hungry animals.

25 hours have passed, Demonica Island is about an hour away. Scarlett was already whining. It's her fault, she asked me to go here.

I could now see the mist they've been talking about. It's green with a spooky touch. It's beginning to smell demon.

I watched the transition of the body of water below turn from dark blue to dark green. The darker the green of the water the more anxious I become. I could feel the era of Demonica Island creeping into my veins. I looked at Scarlett, she seems to feel the same.

No. I am Guy Dangerous. I can't be terrified of some mythical island. I shant feel anything. I should be calm and cool.

Those words somehow soothe myself. I feel less nervous now. But all good vibes were gone as I heard Barry say those words.

"We're here."

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