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Amanda cleared her throat through the silence of the long drive. We were all sitting in the limousine, driven by Lex.

Mr. Fontaine was situated to the rear of the car with his woman. Whilst Amanda and I sat together just a seat away, though everything was open so there was no hiding from those wandering eyes.

"Haven't been home in a while," Amanda raised her brows and smiled at her brother. There was a slight hint of concern in her vivid eyes as she looked over at him.

I heard a reply, it was shrill and high though I didn't exactly hear what she said. I started playing on my phone in hope of them all ignoring me, however work caught up and so here I was tapping away at e-mails and replying to messages in regards to today's event.

I was making sure everything was in place and order for Mr. Fontaine. Then again I wasn't actually doing it for him, I do however like to work professionally and do my job diligently.

"And who might you be texting?" Amanda sang and grinned at me with her huge smile.

I lifted my head only to catch the summer leaves blinking away at me. Watching me like a predator.

I kicked her shoe gently with my heel and smiled, "no one, I'm busy working."

"So what's the agenda for today then," Mr. Fontaine interrupted, causing me to look his way.

I blinked and knitted my brows as he leaned closer in his seat. Ignoring the woman that clung to his side, he pursed his lips and leaned his chin on his laced hands.

"Well I was just checking what the PR department had to say, you actually have a request for an interview with the RY Corps."

"Scrap that." He replied bluntly.

"What, why?" I bit down on my lip, watching him lower his gaze towards my gesture.

"They aren't exactly friendly- the company," he spoke and raked a hand through his already styled hair.

Amanda chimed in, "yeah for some reason they've always hated our company, well more so to our family I guess." She shrugged and crossed her arms, leaning back against the leather seat.

"Why's that?" I asked.

"Well when you're as successful as we are," once again he caught my attention, though he held his gaze on his sister, "everyone is bound to hate you sooner or later."

"Maybe it stems from your attitude." I blurted out almost cursing myself aloud as I realised too late.

His jaw was taut as he contemplated a thought for a moment and opened his mouth to say something, but was grabbed by Reina.

"Who cares about their company, you've done so well on your own, it's amazing how far you have come since your father disowned you."

I sucked in my breath, and felt the heat rise up my neck. Did she really just say something so insensitive out loud? I peered slowly to Amanda who glared at Reina. She turned her head towards me and nodded, giving an apologetic smile.

I let out my breath, though I could feel a sense of rage from beside me. I didn't dare look his direction and instead looked at my phone.

"I–I'll let the PR team know about RY Corps."

Though my comment fell to deaf ears.

The rest of the journey was in silent, save for whenever Reina praised and showed her affection to Mr. Fontaine. All the while he sat there, his arm leaning against the window as he stared out into the scenery. Occasionally I caught him glancing at me, then again he probably caught me looking at him too.

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