Title: Murder [Larry Stylinson AU]

Author: justakiss22

Description:“So there are reasons for such a grotesque killing?” The dark skinned man asked, looking into the bright blue eyes of the criminal for a brief moment before adding, “Oh, tell me. I don’t think I’ve read the book, Tomlinson.” The young adult didn’t say a word and he kept an expressionless face. He had nothing to say, he did the crime and he was accepting the time.


Opinion:This is one of those books that you stay up late reading until you can't keep your eyes open, and when you come back to civilization you just stare ahead, thinking about it. It was so good and Harry was so good at reading people, Louis so mysterious. I loved it. Read it.

Link: http://www.wattpad.com/story/3823744-murderer-larry-stylinson-au

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