~ Imagine 10 ~

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"Uploading a new picture in 5 minutes!!"
I told my followers that I'll uploading a new picture on my Instagram.

I have 100k followers and I'm so happy to have them. They're my everything.
I have a lot of followers but not so much compared to other singers.
So I'm able to open every DM I get.

The alarm on my phone goes off and that means it's time to upload the picture. It's a selfie with my dog and my caption is.
"The only guy I'll ever need"

As you probably guessed. I'm single hahah.

When I upload the picture I look at the comments. And then the likes. I love my followers so much. They're so loyal.

I decided to put something on my story.
I took a selfie and captioned it "send DMs I'll try to open and answer them all!!"

I leave my phone on the bed and go down to get an apple. When I come back up I had got a lot of DMs. I've never got this many but I'll try to answer them all.

"Hi, I don't think you'll read this but if you do I just wanted you to know that you're my biggest idol. Your songs is amazing and I love you"

Aww she is so sweet! I follow her and answer.

"Thank you, it means a lot<3 Ily"
I hope she gets happy.

When I had opened all the DMs I get one more, it's an account named @ suhtorii.

"Hii, I don't know if you've heard of me before but my name is Leo and I think that you have an awesome voice! You're really talented and beautiful."

That's cute! I answer almost immediately.

"Hi, thank you so much! I haven't heard the name soriii. But again, thank u"

He saw it immediately.

"It's okay, you wanna chat?"


We talked for hours and he was a really nice guy. I really liked talking to him. I didn't want it to end. But I had to edit a new cover.

"I have to edit a cover for my YouTube channel and it have to be done tomorrow:("

"Okay:( can we FaceTime?"

"Sounds great. Send me ya number"

I got his number and I called him. He answered. The screen was dark but you could see his face.

- Hiii, he said and turned on a lamp. He was really hot. Can I even say that?

- Heey, I answered and started to edit the video.
He got up from his bed and went to his desk.

- Can I put on some music?, he asked as he turned on his computer.

- Yeah of course, I always listen to music when I edit

- Okay, what do u like?, he asked.

- You can choose something from your list, I said.

- A lot of people don't like my type of music lol, he said. I laughed a little but answered.

- People don't like my music either. Just choose something. Maybe we like the same music??, I asked as I edited my video.

- Do you like Bring Me The Horizon?, he asked and my face lit up. I smile grew on my face.

- I love their music, put on their album 'that's the spirit'!!!, I got really excited.

He just laughed and put on the music.

We just talked for hours and sang along to the music. It turned out that he was in a band.
It felt like we had known each other for years!

- What song do you song in the cover?, he asked.

- It's 'it ain't me' by Kygo and Selena Gomez.

- I have made a cover of that song too!

- Cool, I'm gonna listen to it later.

When my video was done I went to my bed and put my phone on my night stand. We talked for hours and hours and I started to feel really tired. I noticed that Leo did too. Without noticing I were asleep and the call was still going on.

Next day!!

When I woke up the call was over. I took my phone and scrolled trough my notifications. I had got 2000 new followers, 9000 likes, 960 comments and 345 people had tagged me in their posts.
What happened!? I was really confused.

When I looked at which people who had followed me I noticed a lot of accounts with a name like "y/n + Leondre" or something like that. I DMed Leo and asked what was going on.

"Look at my latest pic;)"

I went to his profile and saw a screenshot from our call last night. I were asleep and he made an ugly face.

"That explains a lot LOL" I answered him.

He called on FaceTime and we talked again, for hours.

Little did I know this was the beginning to an awesome relationship.


Sorry this sucks hahahh.


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