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Haymitch: We have to go this way for the intetviews

Katniss: on the elevator! Um.. don't you remember what happened LAST time I went on an elevator with all of you?

Johanna:*smirks* I do! Why? Are you to scared to go on an elevator now?

Peeta: Um what happened in the elevator?

Haymitch: Johanna took her clothes off in front of Me, you, and Katniss.

Peeta: Oh!

Katniss: *roles her eyes* Come on, let's just go on the stinkin elevator!

Haymitch: Alright sweetheart

* after Peeta, Katniss, Johanna, and Haymitch step on the elevator *

Awkward Silence

Johanna: *giggles*

Katniss: What is so funny?!?

Johanna: *laughs uncontrollably*

Peeta: Johanna? Are you ok?

Johanna: *stops laughing* I'm ok

*they step off the elevator*

Katniss whispers to Peeta: umm what just happened

Peeta: honestly, I don't know what just happened

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