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Kaila's POV

I just got back to US since my mom was fine now. Y/N was left there, happily ever after with Benson. 😐

I'm not jealous, I think so but I like Benson, I was first here, I had to be working on a gallery I started, so I'm literally into photography.

How did we even meet the park guys?

Well, in the past I was an intern there. I just did it part-time since I was bored on my gallery. So yeah.

Well, I met Benson at my gallery since he was checking the photos of the park that Mr. Maellard asked me to take. 🏞

He asked me.

"Hey Uhm.. How can you do such this?"

"Well, I just like taking photos, so yeah."

"Do you think our park is cool?"

"Well, duh, wouldnt I love to place it in my gallery if I don't like it?"

"Haha. Thanks. Well, I'm Benson."

"I'm Kaila." I smiled.

"See ya' at the park?"


Later that night I went to the park since I was really bored lol. Only to find two dudes there, playing video games.

I knocked and a blue jay opened the door.


"Huh? How did you?" I asked, confused.

"Well. Benson told me that you'd come here, and he was kinda busy so he told us we could hang out with you. By the way I'm Mordecai. And that guy over there is Rigby."

'Oh. Mordecai and Rigby, the two guys Benson told me that they're pretty good at slacking off. Haha. Hilarious.'

"Benson did made a pretty good intro about you two."

"Hey Kaila." Rigby called.


"Anything we'd talk about? At all?" Mordecai asked.

And so I thought about that acronym I knew from 13 Reasons Why

"FML? I guess."

"FML." Rigby replied, knowing what it is.


"You don't know 13 Reasons Why?"

"Sorry, Mordecai haven't even watched that episode yet." Rigby uttered.

Mordecai punched Rigby's arm and said,

"Sorry about that. So let's go?"

(montages' at times when Mordecai, Rigby and I were at the coffee shop)

Mordecai and Rigby drew closer to me, I told them I'd be an intern if Benson would like to, and they said yes.

Few people got in the club, Margaret, Eileen and CJ.

We all go to the coffee shop where Margaret and Eileen works at, or maybe at the coffee shop across town.

We just order our usual stuff, Frappes and Lattes, since Lattes ain't available at the coffee shop where Margaret and Eileen works at.

We talk about all the terrible things that happened in our lives, like Mordecai having a diaper for a week, all of us laughed at him that way! Rigby thinking Eileen is hot without her glasses on, they both blushed, then Margaret, then CJ, then me.

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