Dr Flug!pastel x Reader!punk

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(WiNK WoNk HerE Ya gO ;;3333)

"Jesus Christ Flug! Another ruined experiment. Redo it again.." Black hat complains and goes to his office. Dr Flug hears a door slam from the office door and he continues to work on the project.

Tears started to escape from his eyes and spilled down to his clothes. He whimpers and kept shaking. He didn't feel like he was himself anymore. You came in lab and see Dr Flug crying.

You gasped, ran up to him and hugged him tightly "Are you okay?! Did Black hat hit you again?!" You were cracking your knuckles, ready about to beat the crap out of Black hat.

"No no. He didn't. He just...yelled at me..." You sighed and tightly hugged Dr Flug again. You were his best friend ever since you guys were little. Now you two were working for a non-human villain named Black hat, who is a dick n stuff.

Yells, gets mad and hit one of you guys once in a while. Of course none of you liked it. Well...maybe Demencia, but still. You loved Flug and can do anything to protect him. Dr Flug sets everything aside and sighs

"I-I...I need to take a break from this, y/n. I-I want to go somewhere." You grab an extra chair and drag it next to Flug. You sat down and rub his back "Where do you want to go? I can pay whatever you buy."

Dr Flug looks at you and blushes a little. He rubs the back of his neck and says "Uummm...I want to g-go shopping for c-clothes...Want t-to go?" You smiled and hug him tightly "Of course Flug! Anything for my bff."

You both got off the chairs and you looked around if anyone was watching you guys. You snicker and grab his wrist gently "Cmon! Let's get out of here before Black hat comes back." He replies saying,

"W-what about when he finds out that we went out? H-h-he doesn't like us going outside a-anyways. People will k-know that we're minions working f-for a villain." You ran to the front door and grin "Pssh. That's not our problem now. Stop being a goodie goodie."

Flug gulps and tugs on his shirt collar "W-whatever you say s-so. Gee, so rebellious." You giggled "Let's get changed first. I don't like being in these clothes as my uniform, bleh."

Flug nodded in agreement and you both went upstairs to change. In your room, you went to your closet, and changed into darker but also pastel punk clothes. You honestly loving dressing like that.

You also put some jewelry on

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You also put some jewelry on. A beanie on top, boots, and now you're ready to go.

Dr Flug is more a bit of a soft person who likes wearing a lot of pastel. It just describes him so much. It also matches his awkward feminine body. And you support him having that kind of body for a boy like him.

Dr Flug digs through his closet, trying to find his favorite outfit. When he finally found it, he slips them on and put some accessories also.

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