Chapter Two - Elle, Part Two

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*Picture is an edited picture of Mavis I made.

Alright, everyone, here's the next chapter! For those of you worrying about taking up endless chapters on her training, don't worry. While she will be training a bit in each chapter (for now) she will start interacting with actual characters in the next chapter. I don't want the training to be underdeveloped, but I also want to get the story started.


Chapter Two - Elle, Part Two

The first thing I did was read through all of the books on the table.

Well, actually, the first thing I did was explore the house, which was a nice, one story cottage. There was the master bedroom and a guest bedroom, both of decent size. The bathroom held a large bath with a showerhead above it, with a window to let out some steam.

I stopped exploring there and carefully considered my reflection. My hair (which had previously been an extremely dark brown color) was now a dark purple. My eyes (which had previously been a light blue) were now the color of ice.

They weren't big changes, but they were still changes.

I shook my worries away, accepted that I would get used to it, and continued exploring.

The kitchen led off to the kitchen table (where the books were) which sat in front of a pair of large sliding doors leading outside. To the right of the kitchen was a living room, with chairs and a sofa. There was also a door leading to a study, which I loved. There were floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, all filled with more information; everything from different types of magic, to the history of Fiore, to the laws and monetary system. One of the walls didn't have a bookcase, but instead a map of the country of Fiore, with Alvarez peeking through on the outskirts. At the other end of the study was a window, and under that, a desk.

When I was done exploring the house, I returned to the kitchen table, which was stacked with different types of books on the magic I wanted to learn specifically. I organized them based on the magic type, and separated any sort of intro to magic that I might need.

The most important ones I had to learn first were location magic, and then teleportation magic.

The location magic focused on how to find people, and how to find items. I wouldn't need the items for now, but people were first on the list.

At this point in time, I was nine. Most of the main characters in Fairy Tail were four going on five, or somewhere in that range. The dragon slayers (raised by actual dragons) weren't even in this time period. They wouldn't be until July 7th, X777, which was over five years from now. So I really couldn't do anything for them right now.

Carefully, I wrote out a timeline of upcoming events, which exhausted me. Most of it was guesswork, too. Man, would I love to have some internet. Or more specifically, the Fairy Tail Wikia.

So first things first; practicing magic.

I started with mediating, according to A Beginner's Guide to Learning Magic. Or, as I like to call it, A Perfectly Reasonable Guide to Learning Magic Unless You're A Fucking Idiot Like Elle.

I stopped and glared at the book. Meditating was getting me nowhere. I couldn't mediate. My mind just wouldn't shut down.

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