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Pen Your Pride

***Authors Note*** Hey guy's so it has been a while since I wrote last and you can all thank Dana82_1D for the update. Which is why this chapter is dedicated to her. She also made my amazing cover so basically she is just AMAZING!!! If any of you are fans of One Direction you should definately check out her story its great. So yeah, I tend to ramble on a bunch but without further adu Chapter 10!

Adu, haha sorry I just had to...Now presenting CHAPTER 10

Bright light poured in through the window and flooded the room. What is with all of this light? My eyes aren’t even open and they hurt. I opened my eyes and realized I was really comfortable. This pillow is so soft! I looked down and saw my pillow. Ooops! Well he is comfortable… I snuggled back down on Cam’s chest and closed my eyes. It was pointless though because the light was too bright. I sat back up and just watched Cam sleep like a creeper. I watched his chest expand and detract as he breathes. The speed of expansion picked up a bit and he began to squirm a bit before his eyes fluttered open.

“Morning beautiful” he said in a raspy voice, “Have you been watching me long?”

“Nah, just got up a few minutes ago and decided to be a creeper and watch you sleep.”

“You’re not a creeper. I am your husband and you are defiantly not creepy. So where’s mom?”

“I’m not sure actually,” I replied before looking at the clock which read eight am, “I am sure she’ll be here soon though. We leave at noon so we should pack up.”

“Okay, I’m going to hop in the shower then.” Cam said before adding, “Want to join me?”

“Cam! I would expect that from my mother but not from you. Now, go shower and get dressed so that you can pack and I can shower.”

“Okay Love, but the invitations stands.” He called out sarcastically on his way to the bathroom. I waited until I heard the water going before I went in to brush my teeth. When I finished with that I washed off my face and thought of an ingenious plot. I unwrapped the cup from the plastic cover and filled it with cold water. I walked over to the toilet, got up on top of it, and poured it on Cam before running out of the room to the sound of him screeching. “Beth! You are going to get it when I get out of here. You better run.”

I wasted no time before running to the door and flinging it open. I was going to run out but then got a better idea and I tumble rolled over the bed and landed on the floor before crouching down and hiding. I heard the pounding of feet and the door hit the wall. I got up from my hiding spot and ran to the door before slamming it shut. “Victory” I yelled at the top of my lungs before running over and jumping on my bed. I lay there for no more than a few seconds before being attacked.

“I got you!” Cam said from on top of me, our noses just barely touching. I stared up at him, just laying there, neither one of us speaking. He lowered his forehead to mine and I closed my eyes. He shifted his position slightly and closed the gap. It was slow, it was passionate, but mostly, it was absolute perfection. “I love you, you know that right?”

“Of course Cam, I love you too. We have practically been inseparable since childhood. How could we not love each other?” I whispered while sitting up on my elbows.

“Beth, that’s not what I meant…” he trailed off slightly, “I mean, I am in love with you.”

“What?” I practically yelled before I could stop myself. Overwhelmed, I let myself fall on my back. I closed my eyes before thinking things through. He loves me? What? What do I do? Why am I just sitting here? I need to say something. Do I love him? I seriously need to talk. I opened my mouth to speak but I found Cam putting a finger to my lips.

“Shhhhh, don’t say anything right now. I know it is a lot to take in and I don’t expect you to say anything in return. I just couldn’t kiss you without giving you a reason. That and I needed you to know. It has been killing me that you haven’t known all this time. I just needed you to know Beth. I needed you to know.” He whispered the last bit.

I opened my eyes and looked up at him in awe. Without thinking I closed the gap once more. Again it was perfect, I really couldn’t ask for more. I pulled away and just lay there, Cam laid down next to me. I snuggled into his chest and just enjoyed the moment. Laying there felt like seconds but hours later there was a knocking at the door.

“Cameron! Beth! We need to hit the road.” My mom yelled through the door.

“Okay Mom!” I yelled before turning to Cam. “Be down in a second.”

I turned to grab my suitcase and my heart fell. Oh, crap.

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