Chapter Eight

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I had walked home and dealt with the onslaught of questions from my mom on why I was home early. I decided to stick with the classic "felt ill" excuse instead of telling her," Oh I ditched with a werewolf who wanted to protect me but I didn't want blood on my hands because he's bound to die protecting me; since my whole life is god damn curse."

I was stretched out lazily on my bed, not quite sure what to do with my sad life. I sat up with a huff. I can't just lay here. I'll go for a walk. Yes, perfect, to the forest I go.

I jumped down the stairs, taking them two at a time. I snathced my hiking boots from the box still needing to be unpacked and laced them up. I grabbed my backpack and tossed in a water bottle, an apple, and a couple granola bars.I slung my pack over my shoulder as I hurriedly scribbled a note for my mom. I opened the door and stepped out in the sun.


I took a deep breath of the fresh air, taking it all in.

I really needed this, fresh air. This will definitely clear my head from this whole situation.

I walked down a path not traveled down often, branches littered the path and branches hung low here and there. The scenic greenery enchanted me; it lifted my spirit, giving me some long needed peace. I still kept an ear open for Luna but other than that I wandered with a clear mind. Traveling down path after path, winding around this quiet forest. Listening to the chirps of birds and distant sound of water. I could feel the stress of life slowly disappear.

I let out an audible sigh, relaxing even further.

Eve! Luna's distraught cry of alert broke my serenity. I was now at alert when a sudden gust blew by as a dark shape flew past me. My hair flew in the sudden wind and I blinked confused. The shape slowed down and a wolf stood a few yards away.

I gulped hard, slowly backing away as tears blossomed. I dropped my bag and bolted in the opposite direction, running as fast as my legs could carry me.

My breath came in raspy gasps as I tried outrunning this wolf. Werewolf, I'm positive.

I could hear the wolf getting closer but I kept pushing myself forward.

I crashed to the ground with a sudden force. I struck the forest floor, my breath getting knocked out of me. My limbs ached and I could feel my hands ooze with open cuts. But I wasn't worried about that, I was more concerned with the massive weight on my back. The wolf was standing on me, keeping me pinned to the ground. It brought its giant face down towards mine and sniffed me. My heart froze and I dared not breathing or moving an inch.

The massive wolf huffed and stepped off me. I scrambled off the ground and began to run again but its eyes stopped me. Emerald eyes. Those eyes, is that Jack?

I faced the werewolf, still being cautious but I slowly approached it.

I tentatively held my hand out, shaking and bleeding. I placed my palm on the wolf's massive shaggy head. It looked at me with those amazing eyes.

"Jack?" I asked it confused.

He nodded his head, and began walking away. He went behind a tree and no more than a minute later Jack came into view from behind. He walked towards me adjusting his t-shirt, not looking at me.

"Jac- wait. What the hell Jack!? Why the actual fuck!? Why did you tackle me, you freaking hurt me!" I yelled at him, waving my bloodied hands in his face. Without a word he removed his white t-shirt and took my hand in his. He quickly wrapped my hand in his shirt. I tried to not stare at his abs as he finished tying the makeshift bandage. He stepped back and still wouldn't look at me.

"Jack, why?" I asked again, more calmly this time.

"I'm sorry, when you started running away my wolf instincts took over and chased after you. I'm sorry." he finally replied looking at me with those big green eyes.

"It's fine I guess, why are you here." I asked him, not even daring to look at my horribly dirty clothes.

"I saw you wandering around, I wanted to keep my distance but I go bored." He laughed lightly kicking a small rock.

"I wanted to accompany you," I put my hands on my hips giving him that look," as friends, not protecting you, just as friends. Two friends walking in the forest." he pleaded, he stood waiting for my response, he combed his fingers through his black hair.

"Fine" I sighed, Jack's face light up and I laughed. My heart began beating faster, fluttering around in my chest.

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