Lexi's Fate

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Book 2. Read "Lexi's Undoing" before this book.

Life tends to get crazy when you fall for a god, and when that god happens to be Hades, things really heat up. Lexi Maxwell spent her first eighteen years living the life of a privileged mortal. Turns out her privileges also extend to the immortal realm. After getting hopelessly hung up on the god of the underworld; a handsome rogue with a rockin' hot body and a penchant for poetic prose, Lexi ditches everything and follows him to his castle of the damned. Actually, the place isn't so bad. There's just the matter of Hades' mate, Persephone, to tackle.

As Lexi begins to embrace her newly discovered goddess status, she realizes it is not all gold-trimmed dinnerware and ambrosia, and she is dealt a few harsh truths. One of them has her donning her debate robe and heading for Olympus, the place she told her father, Zeus, she would never set foot in. Here she meets the powerful god, Poseidon, who decides Lexi's godly gifts should not be squandered on Hades alone. While Lexi tries to keep Poseidon at arm's length, Hades faces the toughest decision of his immortal life. Proving his devotion to Lexi by letting go of something precious.

Lexi's Fate is the sequel to Lexi's Undoing, which continues the story of the lovely and spirited demigod, Lexi, and the seductive and charming, Hades, god of the underworld. Theirs is a love born out of passion and unrestrained lust, and the sequel will not disappoint those readers looking for an outlet for their hidden or not so hidden desires.

Author: neverfakeit

Status: Completed

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