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"Hey... How are you feeling?" the Chief asked the sleeping boy. Of course, Aladdin was in no position to answer. He was in such a deep state of unconsciousness in that moment that wild horses couldn't have woken him. "Goltas!" the Chief called.

"..." Goltas, the masked hulk with a sword, came forward at his master's bidding, and immediately picked Aladdin up using his free hand and hoisted the boy over his shoulder. Without further ado, the Chief and his slaves began walking away with their friend.

"W-Wait!! What are you doing?!?" Faith shouted incredulously, rushing after them. Alibaba immediately snapped out of his shock and followed. 'What's this bastard's deal!?' she wondered angrily. 'It's like we don't even exist!!'

"We said 'wait'!!" Alibaba said anxiously as they caught up to the other group and put themselves between them and the exit to block their path, forcing the Chief to take notice of them. "At least take us too!"

"Yeah! And when are you going to answer me!?" Faith demanded hotly. "I asked what you're doing here!!"

"..." the Chief and his slaves stood silent for a moment, as if speechless with surprise. "... I could ask the same thing of you," he told them. What did these dirty peons think they were doing?

"Huh!?" Alibaba and Faith said, taken aback.

"Why are you kiddos following me? What is it you need?"

"!?" said Alibaba, surprised.

"What do you mean, 'why'...?" Faith asked with a frown. "That's our friend you have there! Did you really think we were just going to let him get taken away by a bunch of strangers!?"

"Th-That's right... That guy came here with us!!" Alibaba said nervously, backing her up. "So I guess we're asking you... not to take him..."

"Huh? You say he's with you?" the Chief asked skeptically with a smile, laughing as if he had just heard a joke. "Listen up... You're just a couple of average Joes. I'll admit it's pretty brave of you to be in a place like this, and talking to me so familiarly... But you're not needed here, so get lost," he told them bluntly as he moved to step past them again.

"I said wait, dammit!" Alibaba snapped angrily with a vein throbbing on his head as Faith reached out and grabbed the Chief by the shoulder to stop him.

"You're the one here who isn't needed!!" she yelled.

The Chief stiffened and immediately slapped her hand away. There was a dangerous look in his eyes as he turned back to face them.

"You said... 'wait, dammit'...!? I'm the one who 'isn't needed'...!?" he growled incredulously with a cold voice. "Apparently, you don't know your place, as human trash... Kill them, Goltas."

"Kill...?" Alibaba asked numbly, paling with shock, as Goltas handed Aladdin over to Morgiana and stepped forth to carry out his master's cruel order.

'This is fucked up...!' Faith thought nervously as the masked hulk towered over them with his big-ass sword.

"Hey, wait, big guy..." Alibaba said anxiously, taking a step back. "I was just kidding...!!"

"I was dead serious!!" Faith stated bluntly with such a serious expression that Alibaba nearly face-faulted.

"The heck's your problem!? You really will be dead in a minute if you don't shut up!!" he shouted at her as Goltas swung his blade, aiming to take them both out with one blow.

"Who's gonna die!?!?" Faith shouted incredulously as she and Alibaba quickly dodged the attack.

"!?" Goltas' eyes widened in shock as they danced around him. Before he could even blink, Faith kicked the blade free from his hand, delivered a blow to the back of his knee to drop him down on it, and twisted his other arm behind his back, disarming him very effectively.

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