24 - Everlasting Love and Happy Endings

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A/N: Unfortunately the last chapter.

Camila decided that she was going to take Lauren on their first date later that evening, so the brunette was currently in her dorm room only slightly freaking out at what to wear.

"How does this look?"

"Did you forget my comment about wearing a sack and she wouldn't care?"

Vero, always the helpful one.

Lauren sighed in exasperation and tore off the flannel before diving into the pile of clothes on her bed.

"You could always go naked. That seems like a pretty good option at the moment and I'm sure Camila wouldn't mind." Lauren just stared at the girl with a bewildered expression on her face.

Vero actually had the audacity in this great time of need to laugh. Lauren wasn't sure if she's ever even heard the other girl laugh. Like... who does that?

"God, Lauren. You're too easy. Mila has changed you."

"She has not!"

"Has too, you can't even deny it. You don't sleep in as much as you used to just so you can walk her to class and oh! You got her flowers for no reason or because she's pretty, whatever excuse you used."

Lauren narrowed her eyes at her roommate who just shrugged with a smirk painted on her face. "You can't deny it. She makes you... calmer."

"Her not being with Austin makes me a whole lot calmer."

"Still, Mila there has had you wrapped around her finger from day one, and it's only getting tighter and tighter."

"Whatever." Lauren said mumbled and turned towards her clothes to stare at them some more. She still had a half an hour before Camila was going to be there, but she wanted a few minutes before she got there to calm her nerves.

"I don't know what you're worried about. You're already dating and it's not like you don't already know each other."

The brunette sighed in exasperation and turned around to face Vero, still only in her jeans and a bra after tearing off her last shirt. "I know, but this is important okay? This is out first real date and, and it's just, it's important, okay?"

The other girl threw her hands up in surrender. "Got it, got it. Well... Do you know where you're going?" Lauren shook her head. She tried getting it out of the girl but Camila never relented. "She said casual though."

"In that case go with that navy blue top or the red one. The dark blue really brings out the green in your eyes and makes them look brighter and you always look good in red. Either one will make the girl drool all night."

Lauren just stared at Vero for a moment before her roommate made a gesture to hurry up. "As much as you seem to like it, I would appreciate it if you put a shirt on. I think we've used up the quota of exposed skin that we could possibly manage. Plus now you only have fifteen minutes."

That got her attention.

"Oh shit! Lauren quickly moved to put the navy top on. She knew that she usually wore that color whenever they went out and thought about changing multiple times as she was putting it on, but she wanted her eyes to really pop. So whatever Vero said better be true.

She got dressed and managed to make herself look a little more presentable than normal before she heard a knock on the door. The brunette took a few deep breaths before opening the door to a jaw dropping sight. Camila stood grinning wearing a formfitting red long sleeve shirt with a low neckline that hugged her just perfect with dark faded jeans that were turned up slightly to make way for her low cut boots, which made her even taller than Lauren. It seemed simple, but damn did Camila look good.

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