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Nathan's P. O. V.

I sat beside Lahlani. Holding her hand talking to her. I've been endlessly talking to her for the past hour.
Dawson said that he talked to Lahlani's doctor and he'd be down here in a few minuets.

The main thing that I am thinking about right now is David, Lahlani's Ex. Even though I shouldn't be, I should be mainly focused on her and my unborn children. Ever since yesterday I've been picturing me killing him and him dying a slow and painful death. All I know is that either way I am going to get my revenge for all this time of him torturing my love.

I heard a knock at the door. Before a doctor came into the room.

"Hello, Nathan great to see you again. Sorry it has to be on these terms."

"Hey Dr. Vernom, you too. But can we quit the small talk. I just want to know what is going on with my girlfriend."

"Okay, quite understandable.... See Nathan, Lahlani is in a coma. Has been for the last 3 and a half months due to the impact of when she went through the windshield. She had a miled concussion and extreme damage to the brain. But basically what has happened is that her brain has almost completely shut down. Its a miracle that she even survived the accident and for both babies to survive also well that's way more than miracle."

"You can fix that right? Have you tried already? With the right tools or whatever you can wake her up?.... Right?"

"Not exactly. See she is in a coma and rather or not if she wakes up is not up to us. It is all up to her. If she pulls through she pulls through. It does not work that way. We can't just simply give her something and she'll wake up. Come on, Nathan you know the answers to these questions.
Right now, if she doesn't wake up at all which I am sorry to say is highly likely. But she will remain here on life support in order to deliver the babies. But after that what happens to her is up to her and what she has in her will if her god mother makes that decision. Her god mother she will decide if she should remain on life support or if we pull the plug on the machines because there is only 17% chance that she will pull through. And if we are not able to get ahold of her god mother it is up to the hospital then. But, Nathan please consider one thing for me because you also play a part. If her babies survive long enough for their birth or not just think about Lahlani's organs and how many people they can help. Its been almost 4 months Nathan. Please consider what I am asking of you."

"Wait so your saying that it will be her god moms decision but I am the father of the babies that she is carrying. Doesn't that mean anything? And I am her boyfriend. Before all this I was planning on purposing to her when I got back from Iraq."

"Sorry, but that still legally is not your decision. You know this Nathan you've sadly been through this before only this time it is different.... So she will remain on life support for the rest of her pregnancy insuring the delivery of both children. That is unless she awakes than we would be discussing a whole nother conversation."

"I'm trying to explain why this is best for her Nathan. Think about your daughter and son. Please, if she doesn't awake just don't go over the deep end. Because your kids are going to need you."

As soon as those words left his mouth I was stuck... I am having a son and a daughter?
"I'm having a son and a daughter." I more stated the end instead of asking.

"I'm sorry did you not want to know the sexes yet?"

"No, its fine that's great news."

"She's 24 weeks along. But, Nathan there is more. For the past few weeks we've been.monitioring Lahlani extremely vlose and there had been a spike in her blood pressure and it has continued to rise.-"

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