Chance Sutton - You Think He's Going To Leave You For Tessa

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Recently, all over social media was just accounts dedicated to Chance and Tessa and of course it made you mad, because Chance had been your boyfriend for four years and it just upset you. It made you feel worse when they would both ditch you for each other but they didn't realize how much it was affecting you.

"Chance I'm going to get some lunch, wanna come?" You asked, hoping he would say yes.

"Sorry Y/N, I'm just going to chill with Tessa." He told you not looking up from his phone. Your smile dropped and Nick and Jake seemed to notice it.

"Dude." Jake sighed.

"No Jake don't, look Chance,  I really appreciate yours and Tessa's friendship, but getting constantly ditched isn't the best feeling in the world. Have fun guys, I'm sure you will considering Chance clearly loves you more then his own girlfriend." You frowned, grabbing your purse and exiting the house.

Nobody came after you, knowing you would probably just burst out crying so you went and grabbed a smoothie. After walking around the same block the Team 10 house was about six times, you went back inside.

"We though you had gone missing, you left your phone here!" Chance tutted, trying to wrap his arms around you, but you pushed him away.

"I'm sure your time with Tessa was just as amazing as I imagined." You mumbled walking past them all and upstairs. It surprised you that Tessa had a guilty face, but you just brushed it off.

"I hope you know I'd never leave you for her Y/N. We've been together for four freaking years, I couldn't ever throw that away. Here's my apology to you for always leaving you out. I know I haven't been the best boyfriend, so let's go for a walk and we can talk, talk about anything you want." He apologized kissing your forehead. You agreed, grabbing his hand and later that night Tessa came up to you and said how sorry she was that you felt that way, and eventually everything went back to the way it was meant to be. 

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