How to Annoy: Subway Servers (31 ways)

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1. Changed your mind every five seconds

2. Ask for one of everything: one tomato, one piece of lettuce, one slice of pepperoni, (etc.)

3. Only buy bread and nothing more

4. Have a long conversation with the server with a huge line behind you

5. Say your order in different language

6. Say "I'd like a..." And never finish, just turn around and walk out the door

7. Make your order and when it's time to pay just leave. Don't buy anything or take anything

8. Frantically look at the door while you're saying your order

9. Sing your order

10. Whisper your order. If they ask you to speak up, say it even quieter

11. Go in wearing a dark trench coat, a fedora, and dark glasses with a package under your arm. Walk up to the server, look both ways, and give them the package. Whisper to them "you know what to do..." and walk quickly away

12. Randomly start playing the Harlemshake song and dance. Count how many people join in

13. Start barking loudly

14. Read a bunch of anime and 1D fanfictions out loud

15. Create a tribal call. Walk in and scream it. Walk out casually like nothing happened

16. Run in screaming "THE SKY IS FALLING!" and then run out again

17. Complain to the server that it's "Wabbit Season" and there should be "Cooked Wabbit" as one of the choices

18. Smear greasy hands across the windows

19. Bring Burger King to Subway. Eat it at the table closest to the servers

20. Complain about how the mustard is touching the lettuce on your sandwich. Make them redo the sandwich correctly

21. Go behind the counter and act like a worker

22. Lock yourself in the bathroom and singing random love songs

23. Glare at them the entire time you are ordering

24. Get two sandwiches. One for you and one for your pet unicorn. Ask for extra rainbows on the sandwich for your unicorn

25. Fake different accents

26. Hold a water gun to there head and make them give you the mustard bottle or you'll shoot. If they refuse shoot them with red-colored water from the water gun

27. Act like you know the waiter. Explain to the person next to you how you went to high school with them. ((Extra points if you're a short middle schooler))

28. Throw chips everywhere

29. "Accidentally" drop your sandwich on the floor. Blame the server and force them to make you another one

30. Show them a picture of yourself. Ask them if they've seen this person

31. Claim to have lost your poisonous snake in the restaurant. Ask them to help you find it while you hide on top of a table

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