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I breathe deeply

'Hi baby, I missed you" I muttered 

"I r-really really really missed you" I said lovingly as I closed my eyes

I smiled bitterly as I wiped the tears rolling down my cheeks, sitting in the dark corner of my room.

No fake smiles, no unsincere 'I'm okay', no pretentious act, nothing but the blank atmosphere. My empty world.

Holding my phone tightly with my shivering hand, I speak the thoughts that I locked  in my heart for 2 years and finally releasing it. 

"sorry" I whispered "sorry for breaking my promise"

I shut my eyes close as pain striking  my heart, breaking it. The pain is unbearable maybe because I kept it, I hid it for years and that made it twice more painful

"I promised to be  strong... I promised to be brave..I promised " I bit my lower lip to suppress my sob "I promised to fight for you--for us"

But the feeling is too much..that it could still break my already shattered heart.

"I-I love you" I sob.

"I love you so much that it hurts.. It hurts so much baby, God knows how much I wanted to fight still..."
I cried

"but it has to end. We have fought enough Dan... I've fought e-enough"

I need to let us go.


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