Chapter 15

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Time skip again
Sophies pov
She was graduating from the elite levels today. Sophie scanned the crowd looking for people she knew. When she heard her name she stopped scanning the crowd. The stage was huge as she walked.

She had just graduated and she ran off the stage hoping to find someone. People were gathering around the graduates so it made it 10× harder to find someone she knew. Sophie not only was lost in a crowd of people she also lost Biana and Dex. Not knowing what to do she stayed put. She remembered her human family telling her that if she were to ever get lost she had to stay where she was.

Sophie had been standing there for 10 minutes and she was about to give up until she felt a tap on her shoulder. She jumped up and turned in the air. Sophie held her hands out in one of those karate positions and looked at whoever tapped her shoulder.

"FITZ!" she jumped on him and gave him a huge hug. Her legs were wrapped around him and her arms were place over his shoulders. He held onto her as they hugged in the spot.

"Where have you been?" he asked as he brushed a strand of hair from her face.

"I couldn't find anybody so I just stayed here." he gave her a small smile as he carried her to the small group of people.

"SOPHIE! WE WERE WORRIED! Where werr you?" Edaline asked while she got off of fitz and gave edaline a hug.

"I got lost," she said as they let go.

"Well good thing Fitz found you than," she said as she winked at her.

Fitz's pov
After they talked the leapt to havenfield to pack with sophie. She was going to move in with him and he was super excited.

"Where do you want ella?" he asked holding up the elephant. She pointed over to a box that wasn't labled. Edaline walked into the room and looked like she wanted to cry. Sophie went over and hugged her. The two were in a long hug as they stopped and Edaline started to pack the boxes with them.

Soon the boxes were packed and Edaline conjured them to their house. Sophie, Grady, and Edaline hugged for a few seconds and let go. Soon Sophies hand was in his hand and they were leaping to their own house.

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