14.The Unknown Enemy

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Alessandros pov

I was busy lately looking for the guy who try to kill me .To be honest I'm thankful towards him. Because of him I was able to meet my angel. She came for my rescue as a guardian angel.

That day I didn't see her properly, but I still remember her voice... Because of that I stopped that day without moving away from the fast approaching truck.. Then I never forget her black hair , her style of dressing, her bangles she wore the same bangles when I saw her first time from back waving her hand , Anklets.. well she wore only one because the another pair is with me...I think she didn't notice that... Or some other reason might be there for wearing single Anklet... But the second time I saw her I immediately recognized her even i don't see her face before... Being always chased by enemies I have to be best observant... Well that helps me a lot now! !

I don't know what makes me to search every detail about Indian traditions... I did... Each and every thing... Still studying about Indian traditions.. Believe me it's really a huge... It's a lot... Different states different traditions... But especially I am keen to know about the reason for wearing ornaments in gold and silver... I have to read about it today.. But because The D twins and Bruno found my killer I have to go now...

I still couldn't believe myself or my eyes that I met her. I don't want to meet her because of who I am and my job. I don't want anyone hurting my angel. I was jealous of Bruno and D twins because they got a glimpse of my angel but I didn't. I really want to see her at the same time i don't want to. But to my surprise she came to me like an angel. She was beautiful just like a rose. Her black eyes, black hair and her rose lips I was so temped to kiss her.

My train of thoughts cut down by Bruno's call. He got the man behind my attack  and was inviting me to the basement. I'm a Mafia guy Scratch that A Mafia King so having enemies all around me is natural. I have killed many. I have various illegal business like gun smuggling  and trafficking. And me owning companies and being  creditor for different companies are just a cover up for my illegal business. But the whole Italy knows me as a very powerful businessman only the Mafia leaders knows our business..

By the time I reached basement Bruno started torturing the guy. But he wasn't giving any answer. I too joined him with D twins. Soon we came to a conclusion that the man is mute because he was showing  various actions. He  was doing all this for money, for his family. After hearing that D twins  feel bad for torturing him and loosen up a little. But after sometime one of my guy came with info regarding the man. Which clarifies that he was Marcos men. He was lying about being mute. This makes me loose my temper and without even giving any thought I shoot the guy on his forehead. 
No one dare to lie to Alessandro Lombardi.  This was a lesson to my men too that they should be loyal or else this is what going to happen to them.

But the only problem is that i have seen him one or two time with Simone... Not with Marco as a Gang.. Is Simone is planning behind Marco.. or Anyother Reasons.. Him being Simones Or Marco Men... He is dead... Now.. But i asked Bruno to Enquire about this...

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