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"Are you lost little miss?" called out a voice to me.

I turned.....................

When I turned I saw an elderly looking man with grey hair and a long beard.

'Whoa, hey Dumbledore of this world, what's with those clashing clothes'

She was being serious here! The old man was wearing bright orange and hot pink, it reminded her of bile, if she was being honest.

And then she realized that she had been staring and remembers herself.

"Ah, sorry (sheepish expression) Yes, I am lost. This place is huge, do you happen to know where the first year classes are and what time they start at...........?" I asked a bit embarrassed that I had been caught staring.

"Ah, so it is like that. I can show you the way, if you'll follow me............" He said and then turned on his heel and walked in the exact opposite direction from where I was planning on walking to..........its a good job I came across him.

We walk in silence, both lost in out thoughts and before I know it he had disappeared and I caught sight of my sister for the first time...............hm, seems she has grown up.

Wait! what is she whispering under her breath. Lets see if I can read her lips............

In the end I could only make out the words 'harem.................game...............bishie'

.......................I thus decided that my sister was insane and to not associate with her, I mean really! Who in their right minds would think about making a harem in a place of learning.

I sneak into the room and into a seat right at the back no one notices me as they are all looking at Aria.

Huh, what do you know? The whole class is made up of boys apart from me and Aria.

Luckily Aria will not find out that I am her sister as I asked the school if I could create an ID with them so now my name is just Rio Lumier. Although her parents might have found out.............oh well.

And like that the class starts........................

Except that there is no introduction..................ehhh! It seems like everyone here already knows each other! When did they meet? Did I miss the important meeting?

Using my raw mana, I enchant myself so that no one notices me, kind of like the notice me not from Harry Potter.

Damn. What is up with me today? I am spouting Harry potter references left, right and centre.

Well anyway, the class went of without a hitch, we were just learning the different things about monster academy.

Apparent there were 5 years at the monster academy, by then you have to be at least level 8 warrior or at 80 in mana to be able to graduate from school and join the sect.............wait a second! Doesn't that mean that she was already qualified?

The classes were nothing special and there were only 3 classes really. One for history of the monster sect, one for the general knowledge stuff like math and writing, the last was for learning more about the school and the sect in general.

Then we are given the afternoon for cultivation, however there is a system that the academy has...........................

It's called the contribution system.

Basically every student has a card, on that card, contribution points are stored.

Contribution points can be exchanged for things like monster cores, monster corpses and money.

Depending on the quality of the item the more contribution points you get.

Contribution points can be used for many things within the academy, not that the student have a choice since contribution points is the only currency used within the monster academy.

Contribution points can be used to buy elixirs and pills for cultivation, as well as be used to borrow techniques from the library and used for food on campus.

Although I wont have to worry about that.

Apparently when I was accepted the representative told the Ancestor of the sect and according to the Ancestor they were going to give me around 1000 contribution points and free food from the cafeteria for a year.

So I did not need to give away any of my millions of drops acquired from years living in the beast continent.

I was practically a walking fortune with all the stuff I collected.

Anyway free meals and 1000 contribution points, that is a lot for a first year, as it takes on average 3 years to build up that kind of contribution while spending scarcely.

Muh................they are probably trying to get on my good side so that I join the Monster Sect when I graduate.

Not that I was planning going anywhere else but! they don't need to know....................

So I was currently searching through the library, I decided that I need an actual cultivation technique rather than just sucking up all the Qi from the world around me which is exactly what my martial spirit was doing. I decided to focus on my Martial Qi for now and leave my magic behind for a time................Mah, I am confident in my magic anyway.

Anyway I decided that I need a martial cultivation technique to help fine tune my martial arts and martial qi because as of now I have a lot of explosive power but I am too brutal and have no finesse making it simple for others with skill at my level to finish my of.

In my last life I believed that the road to power is not simple and requires several roads to be tread, I also believe this in my new life.

First you have to train the physical body.

Then you have to have experience

Then you need to hone your skill

And finally need you need knowledge to conquer.

So I was looking over the different cultivation techniques.

In normal situations, raw qi cultivated through no skill can only get you to the 2nd stage of Martial Qi, which is why many family's seek the best cultivation technique for their children when they hit that stage because the cultivation technique will shape their future as it is not easy to change it, in fact it was close to impossible because the last person who tried was at sage level and he blew up which is why many consider it a taboo to change their martial cultivation technique.

But that was not what she was doing. She had never cultivated under a technique before yet she came this far, she was excited to think about the possibilities of having an actual cultivation technique.

So she walked around in the room dedicated for Martial Techniques, which was compleatly emty and looked at all the books on the pedestals...................not that there was much and the highest cost was 1000 contribution.

It was at that time that she saw IT...............................The ONE.....................

A/N: Sorry everyone, I said I would put this pic up for every chapter but I forgot, but here it is now, to refresh your memory of the information

A/N: Sorry everyone, I said I would put this pic up for every chapter but I forgot, but here it is now, to refresh your memory of the information.

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