Chapter 7

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Cathy POV

I’m still shocked of what I saw. I head home since we don’t have classes. I texted Tom that I can’t make it to join him.

To tom: Hey tommy, I can’t join you today. xx

From Tom: Why? :L

To Tom: Em’ not feeling well.

From Tom: Aw. Alright. Maybe next time.

To Tom: Yeah. Maybe next time. Sorry xx

I felt bad. I know that Tom likes me when we were young. He tried to tell me but we went to Paris, I thought were just gonna stay there for some days but we live there and I never saw him until now.

Okay back to the present. You wanna know what I saw? I’m currently mad at my bestfriend, but why?  Maybe I’m jealous? Okay I’ll say it. I saw a picture; Zayn singing (How did I know that he’s singing? He’s holding a mic. Duh) and holding the chin of a girl. Wanna know who the girl is? My bestfriend! Alex! Why didn’t she tell me? I’m mad at her. Arghh.

I fall asleep while thinking of the picture. I heard my computer popped and that woke me up.

Natalie: Hey. Are you done with our homework? xx

Homework? What homework?

Cath: What homework?

Natalie: History class. You forgot? It’s due tomorrow. Mr Russo won’t accept late papers.

Cath: Dang! I totally forgot. But there’s no class, right?

Natalie: Yeah. But Mr Russo sets his own rules. Yenno.

Cath: Yeah right. Thanks for reminding me J xx

I looked at the time. It’s 7:04 pm. School is still open. Thank God. I forgot my book so I need to go back there.  I went outside and there’s no star. Guess it’ll rain. Hope just rain.

I got my book and wait for the elevator to open. My locker is located in the fourth floor. It’s pretty dark here and a bit scary.


The elevator opened. I almost screamed of what I saw. Zayn.



“What are you doing here? It’s a bit late”

“I should be asking that question”

“I fall asleep in the library. Nobody woke me up. You?”

“I forgot my book. Wait, you know me?”

“Yeah. You’re Alex’s friend right?”


As I said that the lights went out and I felt someone grab me. Is he scared? I heard a loud ‘boom’ outside. I almost hugged Zayn. My biggest fear is thunder! I was shaking. It’s raining too hard outside. The elevator stopped and I think were stock. Just the two of us? Sweet…hihihi(evil laugh). Just kidding.

“Are you alright?” we both said in unison.

“Yeah” we both said.

“I’m afraid of that. The loud noise..” I said in a trembling voice

“I’m afraid of this. Dark.”

“Really? That’s something.”

“Hey, you’re shaking. Here” he hand me his blazer. He’s still wearing our school’s uniform.