Untitled Part 7

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The same darkness is what I first saw then I know I was asleep because this is usually my nightmare but what I saw even in the darkness was a mask. Wait a minute this is Glaive's mask what does this have to do with my nightmare?

"Add time is running out..."

It was Glave but he was sitting on a chair and holding a giant key

"Time is running out? HAH we can manipulate time and bend space at will, what could scare you to the point where you'd say that?"

"Because He arrived"

"Who is it?"

"There is no time to explain you must fight him at all cost! no you MUST defeat him for the sake of the world"

"The world? I'll just destroy it myself if I want"

"Oh? then what would happen to Elesis..."


"and Ara...."


"Then you must do it! but now is not the right time to train you, you are partially awake now so I must take my leave"

"No Glave wait!"

I woke up to see that I'm in a very familiar place. The place where I learned how to bend time and space. Henirs TIme and Space. I slowly look at where I was and I was surprised to see myself being carried my Moby and Remy. Eve's two trusted drones

"Oh you're finally awake."

I got off Eve and stood on my own with the help of my Dynamo's 

"Why are we here?"

"Glave summoned us here but he's not in here. Weird wait where's Ain?"

"After he stopped you from killing me he put you on your bed and took off. Even after 3 days he didn't return"

Elesis said looking at her side avoiding eye contact with me and somehow I feel weird that she's doing that

"I was asleep for 3 days?"

"Y-Yes and you w-were just sleeping no space stuff"

Ara said hiding behind Elesis and it's cute. I faintly smiled

"Whoa so The Esper  DOES know how to smile, who knew?"

"Not funny Elsword"

"Oh come on give it a little credit"

Elbrat and Aisha were fighting as usual but Elbrat doesn't seem that arrogant like before and Aisha seems redder than ever

"Oh and by the way Aisha come here"

"Hm? EEEEP!"

Elbrat gave her a kiss and Aisha kept chasing after him 


"Ugh stop it we don't have time for this!"

"It's okay Rena Glave's still not here"

 Ah Rena and Raven as close as ever and it even looks like they're already married by the way they treat each other 

"Where are Lu, Ciel and Chung?" 

"Lu and Ciel returned to the demon real since we defeated Scar Lu has to rule with Ciel by her side and Chung is still the prince of Hamel so he has responsibilities because his father Helputt is now free from demon control"

Eve answered that one as cold as she could ever be

But suddenly a giant blue and black Eye appeared from the sky and from it Glave fell down followed by what it looks like Ain but he has long hair and no expression at all at his face


"God-forgotten, Scythe!(from this chapter I will translate AIn's skill to english according to the Elwiki)"

A wave of a dark never before seen energy. Everyone of us except me perished with the energy blast

"It seems that there IS a hindrance on the fabric of time and space"

His voice is absolutely Ain's but it has no emotion to it 

"So you were the one Glave was talking about hmph but my distortion field is stronger than you're-"


Suddenly 8 balls of defiled Henir energy is homing onto me

"Maximum Strike!"

I summoned 6 temporal blades and counter 6 of the defiled energy balls but the other 2 hit me and catching it whole hurts me even more than I imagined and I was knocked back by the impact

[Glave's POV]

If this continues he will defeat Add and will gain complete control over space. I have to stop this!I used my cube to entrap him inside a barrier but it won't hold long 

"Add take the others and exit Her's Time and Space NOW!"

"But Glave you can't beat him!"


Add opened a portal that sucked in the El search party  and my barrier disappeared.It seems he wan't trying to break free at all

"Wise choice to let the hindrance go. But can you defeat me with only this?"

"I'm not alone"

I summoned a key and used it to summon portals

"What will these useless efforts do?"

"Now Nasod Inspector,Bone Dragon,Alterisia Type:H, Joaccin(I dunno the spelling),Helputt,Enraged Manifestation and the Source of Demonic Energy!"

"These monsters...."

"Let's see if you can handle this!"

By summoning them I lost my ability to walk causing me to fall and being caught by a chair I summoned.

"Now perish!"

This summoning caused my face to age and by doing so I have no need of  my mask ti hide my Henir-Corrupted face. I threw my into a portal and hopefully it will reach Add

"Let's begin. Death's Dance(Totentanz)" 

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