Sumo: (smiling)Me too! Vandy Bhabhi was right! Dubai is amazing!

Shravan: But I really have to attend this meeting Sumo.

Sumo: It's ok. I understand. Don't worry about it Shravan. You brought me here, and that is all that matters.

Shravan: I hope this meeting goes well. It's really important for me.

Sumo: But what is it about?? And why didn't Papa mention it??

Shravan: Uh.....Well it's a confidential meeting. And the clients are high end people so I have to come to wherever they are. They don't personally go meet anybody. That's why I had to come all the way to Dubai. Papa told me to make another trip but since we were already close, I thought why not just finish it off. And you would get to come here too!

Sumo: Hummm.....(thinking)......Why don't you drop me off at the Mall while you complete your meeting???

Shravan: NO! I am not leaving you alone! You will come with me and that is final!!

Sumo: Relax Shravan!! And I am not a little kid! I can handle myself on my own! I have been doing it for the 10 years that you left me!

Shravan: (taking a deep breath) Ok fine, sorry. I know you can take care of yourself but.......but I don't want to leave you alone. Please Sumo. Look I know you want to explore but we don't have much time here. I promise I will bring you back here after we get married.

Sumo: Ok. (looking out the window)

After a long period of silence, Shravan kept texting on his phone and Sumo was looking out the window. They passed through downtown Dubai and were entering the main part of town. Soon the taxi stoped and Shravan paid the fare. Both of them exited the taxi. Sumo looked around and froze when she realized where she was.

Sumo and Shravan were standing right in front of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world. She looked up as high as she could until she saw the peck of the building. It looked more glorious in real life than it did in movies and she was speechless at the sight. At the base of the tower was the grand fountain which was one of the most popular attractions in all of Dubai. She saw the fountain, and admired the way the water danced to the tune of the music. Everything she looked at, had it's own unique beauty. Every tower, ever building, every street, every bit of everything was different and breathtaking.

Sumo: (getting excited) Shravan!!! This is the Burj Khalifa!!!

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Sumo: (getting excited) Shravan!!! This is the Burj Khalifa!!!

Shravan: (smiling) Yeah! The meeting is being held here!

Sumo: WHAT??! That means we get to go inside!!???

Shravan: Yup!! Come, let's go. (holding her hands)

Shravan and Sumo held each other's hand before entering the building. Men wearing the traditional Arab attire greeted the couple. After intensive security tests, Shravan and Sumo made way to the interior of the tower.

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