Stranger no more

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Jenna's POV:
I couldn't feel any more disgusted. I bolt out of the bus and don't look back. I speed walk the building... With "Luebrosk" on it... The company I'm to work for. I take a deep breath, and walk in... I can't. I walk straight to the bathroom, and wipe the tears that have ruined my makeup. 10 minuets till my interview. I have time. I remove my make up kit and redo it. I step out, and walk towards the receptionist. "Hi! I'm Jenna Cuttin"
"Yeah. Mr. Brosk will see you now, he's in his office... 57th floor to the elevator, to the right." Thanks I say, as I walk over.
The floor is huge , but finding his office isn't hard... Huge polished black doors, with the name "Brosk" on it... I knock... A girl with a soft smile opens the door. "You here for the interview? " "uh, yes! Jenna!" I say... "Flo" she replies "come in".
Mr. Brosk is seated at his huge glass table behind a perfectly grey laptop. His deep blue eyes show nothing but sophistication. He looks up and shuts the laptop. "Take a seat" his accent is American, but British polished. His suit fits perfectly, and sits with his erect shoulders, his jaw line couldn't get sharper, and his dark brown hair couldn't blend better with his ever so lightly tanned skin. Ugh! Jenna! Focus. I sit opposite him, and he opens his mouth to say something, when we're interrupted.
"Am I late?! I'm sorry! I had to take the bus coz, well... Someone left me behind."
A sudden shiver ran through me... It was him,.. The same guy that... Touched me.. The guy in the bus.
Mr. Brosk heaved... " Callum. I'm in the middle of something right now... Do you mind?"
A sweat broke out on my forehead.
"What are yo.." He broke off, as his gaze fell back on me... And a wide grin spread across his face... "Interview, I presume? What for??" He asked
"None of your concern"
"I'll find out soon enough..." He smirked.
I clenched my seat tight.
"Meanwhile, Flo, to my cabin please, there's some paperwork pending "
By the look on Flo's face it was evident there was no paperwork. Callum was a creep and a freakin molestor... How am I to survive here. But this is my last shot at a decent salary. I need it so badly... Whyyy...!
"Uh Jenna Cuttin?"
"Huh?" I blinked
" I said, how qualified are you?"
"Uh, Science graduate sir... " the questions went on, and the replies came out. I think I did well... Just as we're wrapping up, Callum walks back in.
"So! How'd it go??" He smirked.
"Well, Jenna, we'll keep in touch " said Mr.Brosk sighed.
In an instant I knew I didn't get it. My insides began to tear. I've had too much experience being rejected for Jobs... Even if Callum were here... I need the job. I need the money.
"Sir, I'm sure I'll do well... I'll bring nothing but profit and...and I won't ever make you regret your decision... I promise. I just really need the job...please"
"Jenna, you may be a nice person, and all...but we need people who'll be beneficial to the company "  said Brosk.
"I think she's got potential, Luke... I could train her" Callum smirked.
"She's not applied for that department Callum" Luke (Mr. Brosk) replied dismissively.    "Well, I think over interest could.... Arouse"
I got nothing of what they spoke, but I hated that Callum stood up for me. That creepy shit, who....touched me. He definitely remembers me. But plays otherwise.
"Very well then, Jenna Cuttin. You're hired. As my personal secretary.You start work 8:00am Tomorrow. Don't be late."
"Oh thank you, so much sir... I won't disappoint you" for once I was full of hope. He extended his hand and I shook it.
"Thank you" I said lookin at Callum, making no eye contact. And I walk out the door.

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