Jeff the killer one shot lemon

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I was just sitting in my room reading, some normal stuff on a normal website, being normal.....

Who the hell am I kidding? I'm not normal, this is not a normal website and I am not reading anything "normal".

-Well maybe for a hormonal (age) year old girl.

I kept surfing wattpad hoping to find something to get me on. Nothing much just something that would make me change my panties for sure... preferably about Jeff The Killer.

He was my favorite creepypasta.

I always told myself that I am not and will not be a fangirl who is always like "We are going to get married an live in slender mansion~!"...but does this count?
A lemon with a little massterbading?....
I dont know and I don't care.

"Come on I have already read all of these."

I whisper to myself. I hear creaks and groans through the house and jump but quickly assure myself it was nothing but the old building I lived in.
My parents weren't home. It was also the summer so my step(sister/brother) were at their (mom/dad)'s house.


I finally found one I haven't read!

"Jeff the killer one shot lemon by nightmareslumber....strange user name."

I click on it. After reading half way through it I was soaked and my hand was starting to crawl towards my thigh where it begged to be played with.
I started breathing heavy this was my favorite part...

"Jeff plunged his tongue into his liebe... oh! I known what that is... fuck I can't remember... as she gasped. He loved the feeling of her warmth on his mouth. Not to mention the way she said his name while doing so. He wiggled it around as she started to gasp every other second.
'J-Jeff' She would moan-But moaning wasn't good enough. He curved his tongue again, still not satisfied. He started doing it faster and faster making (y/n)... (y/n)? That's my name..? Whatever, where was I? Ahah! Start to scream. Yes he didnt have his self actually in her and this was happening. He couldn't wait till he was though, even if it did wake up her (brother/sister name)...What the hell? Their name too?.."

I heard a chukle and turned to the side to a figure barley illumenated by the light of my divice.

"So you finally read it? I was beggening to worry. Thought you'd never click on the story-no- present I made you. Do you like it? Took an afully long time and a lot of researching about what you like-even though you're a virgin."
Said a husky voice.

I read enough fanfiction to know who this was, but could it be true?

"And let me tell you; I have been perfecting everything just for you....They didnt mean anything. Only worthless prostatutes killed them afterwards, win win. Ever since the first time I had seen you I knew I wanted this, fuck, when I first seen you I ended up jacking off! Speaking of which..were you going to please yourself? Tsk. Tsk.
Thats not for you to do. That my job."

Finished the voice, next thing I knew he was in between my legs lifting up my night shirt while pulling down my panties.

That's when I could finally see his beautiful face.

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