Jeff Sexo wiff uuu

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I was just sitting in my room reading, some normal stuff on a normal website, being normal... Who the hell am I kidding? Nothing about what was going on at the moment was normal. Well, maybe for a hormonal (y/a) year old, I suppose?

I had a die-hard crush on the strangest character. My favorite creepypasta named Jeff, title; Jeff The Killer, and I know it isn't normal to be attracted to a murder, a bit taboo even, but I was. Maybe it was because I liked violence or maybe I have some kind of issues in my head or something, but probably because this joker/dolphin hybrid simply got me on.

Even though I had this strange attraction to such an inhuman thing; I always pushed myself to never become a fangirl, I saw them everywhere on the site I was surfing, Wattpad, and it always made me cringe. Granted, I could relate to a lot of them and get along well but that just scared me into thinking I was turning into one of them. I know I'm never going to marry Jeff and live in some bullshit utopia for CP characters, Slender Mansion.... but does reading porn of him count me as a fangirl..?

Fuck It.

"Come on I have already read all of these," I huff.

The building I was in creaked and groaned from the wind blasting outside. I was sure it was gonna rain soon.

I let out a sigh, "Finally," I had found one.

"Jeff The Killer x Reader by CuteHybristophiliac.... What the hell is Hybristophilia??"

I ignore the strange word and get down to business, clicking and reading almost halfway through. I could feel my face heat up at my favorite part of any lemon; oral.

"Jeff plunged his tongue into his pet's warm pussy and she gasped in response. He loved the feeling of her warmth on his mouth. Not to mention the way she said his name while doing so. He wiggled his tongue around as she started to gasp every other second.
'J-Jeff' She would moan-But moaning wasn't good enough. He curved his tongue again, still not satisfied. Jeff started doing it faster and faster making (y/n)..."

I stopped, "This was supposed to be an 'x Reader', why does the character have a name?"
I groaned, knowing that most people on this site wrote like they've never taken an English class before. Still, I went on glad that luckily it was my name the author had chosen.

My body froze in the heat coming from behind me, tingling my neck. The mass let out a deep chuckle, revealing itself to be a man. I turned my head to see a figure almost pressed against my back, lightly illuminated by my computer screen. They had been reading along with me. I just got caught reading porn about a psycho.

"So you finally read it? I was beginning to worry. Thought you'd never click on the present I had commisioned for you. Do you like it? Took an awfully long time and a lot of researching about what you like," he whispered.

My eyes glanced at the stretched out smile across the intruder's face. There was no way in hell this was real-I had to be imagining it. Maybe I was asleep right now?

"I knew I wanted to fuck you the moment I first saw your sexy figure walking down the street. You got me hard right there."

"You're..not real," I whisper.

He chuckles and snakes his arms around my waste, smelling my neck.

"Oh, babydoll, you have no idea how fucking real I am."

I gulp, "Why are you doing this? You're supposed to kill."

Jeff giggles and licks up my neck causing me to squirm. "Why don't I show you?"

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