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Chapter 11

S is for SLUT
T is for TROUBLE
D is for DOOMED

4 Months pregnant (3 weeks later)
February 20th (2014) (Thursday)

"A spa would be excellent," I agreed with the girls. "It will be relaxing and hopefully it will bring us closer together."

"What day?" Aneliz asked.

I had invited all three of them over so we could talk and plan a girls night out... I was trying to keep us together.

"Friday?" Shanna asked.

"Can't... I have to doctor's appointment," I sighed.

"Saturday?" Tiff said.

"Me and Shanna have an emergency swim meet," Aneliz replied.

"And I have my baby class."

"Well let's go for next weekend." Tiff said hopeful.


"Mark off all Saturday's," I groaned.

"And every other Sunday's for my family dinners," Tiff said scribbling it down.

We had brought out a calendar, since we couldn't come up with a date to go to the spa, we were currently in May.

"This is ridiculous," Shanna reached over and tore up the calendar. "We're best friends and we are ACTUALLY planning when to hang out. The sad thing is we made it all the way to May without finding a free date we could hang. We have to do this stuff now, before Clover's baby comes."

"The baby won't affect anything, I'll still hang out with you guys."

"Get real Clove. The baby will consume you and without you even knowing it, it will be six months since we saw each other."

"You guys can come visit and we can go out," I replied unsure.

"Things will never be the same and you know it. Your going to be a mom, and THAT will be your main focus, not going out to this party with your best friends on a Friday night."

"We won't drift apart," I answered spreading out on the floor.

"We are now and the baby hasn't even been born yet!" Shanna argued.

"This isn't my baby's fault," I lifted myself up a bit so I could see her. "We are ALL busy, especially you guys! I-I only have school Monday-Friday then Saturday from 1-4 pm and then a check up every month. You guys are busy ALL the time, you have parties and school events, after school stuff... together and it's like your excluding me cause I can't do any of that." I wiped my tears and laid my head on the ground.

I heard footsteps leave the room and a short while later coming back.

Shanna appeared next to me. She laid down and pulled me in for a hug. "Clove I'm so sorry. I didn't- there was no reason for me to say those stuff."

"It's okay," I closed my eyes and opened them when I heard her voice again.

"And we booked the spa days, it's going to be Saturday at 5 till Sunday at 5."

"What about the meeting and Tiff's family dinner?"

"Our meeting ends 3. We'll pack from the night before, clean up and then pick you up. We'll leave the spa at 5 that way Tiff can make the dinner."

"I'm sorry too," I smiled and hugged Shanna tighter.

"All is forgiven, but get up we have a mini surprise for you."

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