Izeiah's Pov

You can't believe what we're doing for
second semester. We are not doing the tiring games anymore maybe sometimes but not often. We're instead doing exams. EXAMS. EXAMS. E. X. A. M. S. I mean. I was okay with the games but exams are way beyond my might. Who wants it?

"Guys, magswi-switch na tayo to academics. And since it's the first week of semester we're going to take it easy. Kung sino man ang tatlong pinakababa ng exam nito ay alam niyo na kung saan sila babagsak."

"At dahil din ako ang pinakamabuting tao ngayon na ang exam niyo. For one week. Isn't that amazing? I love me talaga. Har. Har. Har. Di ba merong 88 na constellations?---- Yup, you guessed it. Mawawala ang signal sa buong school para lang dito para hindi kayo makatext, makatawag at makainternet o data. Alam niyo naman email ko diba? Send niyo nalang doon bago Lunes." And just like that, the teacher had her 7 day vacation while we suffer for the next 7 days that feels like a monty.

I never was interested in astronomy or any kind of topics related to the universe. But I know atleast 10 of them. Marami namang hindi din kumuha ng kurso ng astronomy so I am safe for now.

Maybe Ivan know's some. Or maybe I can pay a visit to Ren's house--

"We've placed a fence around the school that can turn you into a barbeque with just a little bit of touch." The speaker suddenly spoke that it almost gave me a heart attack.

So, matagal ng alam ng Headmaster na tumatakas ako minsan? Damn. And here I thought I can become the king of ditching- Ivan-as-much-as-possible. Atleast he let me off a hundred times. I have a really big problem. Butler Chan didn't told me I'm going to be needing to study the universe in order to live, I am so not updated because of that Butler.

And I can't get help from Ivan because I've been ditching him since yesterday because I felt awkward for some reason that's why I sneaked out to Ren's.

Okay. Alam ko na kung sino ang tatanungin ko. Si Riley!!!

Masaya akong pumunta sa dorm niya that for some reasong pamilyar ito. Bakit hindi ko maalala kung nakapunta na ba ako dito o hindi?

I rang the doorbell. It flew open and I was greeted by one of those girls that likes to dress inappropriate. Hmm.

"Sino ka?" Tumaas ang kilay niya.

"Zeah. Si Riley?"

"Sinundo siya ni Grey." Malakas niyang ibinalibag ang pintuan. I was star- trucked and couldn't talk for a minute. Did that inappropriate- dressed girl just closed the door on me?

Oh. I ain't letting her escape that woman who doesn't know the goddamn dress code of a school.

"Izeiah?" Someone called out before I could even barge in Riley's room. I turned to him and stopped midway when I realize it's Ren.

"Ren!!!" I ran to him and jumped on him. He held my waist to support me.

"Woah. Mukhang meron kang kailangan saakin ah?" Tanong niya. Ngumiti ako ng malaki at tumango. Tumaas kilay niya.

"Ano nanaman?"

Hindi ako sumagot and just kept smiling to him like some kind of kid asking for some candy.

"Okay. You need to stop. Ano nanaman kasi ang kailangan mo?"

"So. I have a problem."


"You love our universe right?"

"Of-- course."

"So meaning you know a lot about it right?"

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