Big boobies

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Chapter 10
Saturday 12:35 pm

"We are lost," I glared at Randal.

"No, I know were we are going. The baby school is just you know."

"No actually I don't know," I turned to Randal. "So why don't you tell me."

"Over there," he exclaimed slapping his hand against the steering wheel.

I turned to where Randal was looking and I groaned seeing the place. "You are so lucky," I sighed as he pulled into one of the parking lots.

"Stay here," he smiled turning off the car and getting out. My door opened and I saw his hand. I smiled and took it and he helped me out.

"Thank you sir," I smiled.

"Your welcome madam," he took my right hand (the left one was lifting up a bit of my maxi dress, so I wouldn't step on it).

Shannakay had let us out Friday after school. I was liking it in there, but I'm glad I'm back home. I've been ignoring Shannakay lately, it seems we are drifting apart... like our personalities are clashing and it seems as if she wants all my attention. I don't think she ever accepted my pregnancy. And Aneliz isn't really hanging with me anymore, so really I only have Tiffany. It makes me sad that I'm losing all my friends because of this baby.

"Clover Kelly Johnson," I heard Randal say and I snapped out of my deep though.

"Ah yes right here," I heard a female answer. I realized we were in the baby class building; at the front though in a waiting room of sorts...with an assistant sitting at the front desk. "Oh." She looked me up and down. "I see."

"Yes, I'm 16 and pregnant is there a problem?" I said with an attitude.

"No not at all," she answered shaking her head.

"Then don't stare at me like that," I rolled my eyes and started walking away.


"For the first timers -and I see we have a few- I'd like to introduce myself and then tell you a bit about this class," she waited until we nodded before she continued, "Okay well my name is Lily and I'm a mother of five, I'm 45 years old. You may call or email me if you have any questions or concerns. This class is normally for first time parents, but parents who've had more than one child like to come and take this class to improve on their skills. This class teaches you how to be responsible parents and you learn how to take care of a baby... with fake live babies." She reached into her bag and pulled out a baby. "I'll be passing these out every class and collecting them back at the end. If you have any questions please come to me after class."

Ten minutes later

"Oh my, Randal make it stop."

"I don't know what to do?!"

Our baby was currently screaming it's head off, for whatever reason. I have absolutely no idea how to take care of babies, nor does Randal since we don't have any younger siblings; or older ones.

"Randal and Clover, always remember when your baby is crying these are the things that might be why; they are hungry, dirty diaper, meeds sleep, wants to be held, tummy troubles, needs to burp, too cold or too hot, teething, wants less stimulation, wants more stimulation or they just aren't feeling well," Lily said coming to our table.

"That's a lot. How will you know which one?" Randal asked.

"In the beginning it's going to be difficult and you'll have to use a checklist to see why the baby is crying, but eventually you'll learn your baby and instantly know what's wrong; maybe by the cries or the way the baby is acting. So let's begin with the checklist and I'll show both of you how to deal with each scenario."

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