"Bye Kelly," Shannakay answered, telling me she hadn't though about that.

I rolled my eyes and went to grab my towel, deodorant (Tiff brought it, she also gave one to Randal), and the toothbrush I had been using, a change of clothes and a comb. I turned on the shower and waited until it was warm. I stepped into the shower and used the same body wash and rag.

"You can go in now." I said to Randal's back.

He was looking at the food supply with a towel on his shoulder. "Thanks." He answered finally turning to look at me.

"You look fat." He covered his mouth and stared shocked. "I didn't mean fat, I meant big, but not big like fat. Not that fat is bad. I mean your pregnant so of course you'll be big, but you still look fine."

I just stared at him with a smirk on my face. "Are you done?"

He nodded and sat on a near by chair.

"I know that you mean. This outfit hugs all my curves including the belly bump. I look bigger yes, but next time don't say what you just said out loud especially to a woman."

"Yeah okay," Randal walked to the bathroom and closed it as he stepped in.

I waited till I heard the water running and then I walked over to his phone. I needed to make sure he was being serious and sincere.

"Text messages." I whispered to myself. Mom.... Dad..... Some guy..... Amy...... Me..... "Wait AMY!" I shouted out. I heard the water stop and quickly looked through the messages. None of them were interesting, it was just.... is there school tm? Did we have hw? Things like that.

"Hey Kelly what are you doing with my phone?"

I looked up and saw Randal fully dressed standing in the bathroom doorway.

"Oh nothing." I answered. That was fast...

"You know what your friend said about calling people," he stepped closer and I exited out of his messages without looking at the screen.

"Yeah, I'm just searching the internet," I gigged nervously. "Yeah know researching pregnancy stuff."

"Why didn't you use your phone?"

"Because I'm searching it up for you." I looked down and typed in 'guy's guide to pregnancy.'

"What are you doing now?" He asked suspiciously.

"Checking out the link I just saw. Here I think it's good for you," I answered lamely and handed him his phone.


"No problem," I replied getting up to look through the cabinets. "Bingo." I said to myself. I picked up my hot Cheetos (we found a step stool) and grabbed a soda and water bottle. I settled in the couch next to Randal.

"You know I've been reading this and it says we need to live together."

"I'm sure it doesn't say that." I said shaking my head at him.

He read the article about us living together.

"Okay, but it doesn't say we HAVE to live together," I argued.

"But it's better for the baby, and if we live together we wouldn't have to argue about custody and we won't have to set up two nurseries."

"Okay, okay. We'll live together, but only for the baby."

"Okay, so once we find a place to stay, we can set up the nursery."

"Uh we have a place." I answered him. "My house, the place I live, mi casa." I raised my eyebrows and looked at him. "Plus we have enough space for the baby and that's the place I inherited... from my dead parents and grew up in. I'm not leaving."

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