Pregnancy Brain

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Chapter 9
Friday 2:05 am

"Kelly," Randal whispered

"For the last time only my friends call me Kelly. Your obviously not a friend so call me Clover."

"Fine Clover."

"Yes, what do you want."

"Why aren't you sleeping?" He asked.

"I can't get comfortable, the stupid stomach won't let me sleep on my belly like I normally would." I answered "It happens almost every night so I'm used to it." I added.

"Well sleep on your side."

"No shit," I answered.

Randal didn't reply.

"Why aren't you sleeping?" I asked

"I was thinking."


"You and the baby," he answered.

"Bullshit," I answered rolling my eyes in the dark.

"I really am, I want to apologize for everything that night. I-I was just so scared. I'm seventeen, and I just wasn't ready."

"How do I know your ready now?"

"Because I though about it a lot and realized I want to be with you and the baby, I like you Kelly... I mean Clover. I've always liked you, I was just too afraid to tell you. This baby helped me... I want to be their for you two. I'm not going to leave again I promise."

"I- are you-"

"Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked cutting me off.

"Uh, I don't know if I can trust you Randal. You of course can be here for the baby, but I'm not sure about us going out."

He didn't speak and I held my breath to hear him breathing.

"Goodnight.....?" I tried.

"Goodnight Kelly," he whispered.

I let go of my breath and dozed off.

11:30 am

"Kelly wake up."

"Leave me alone," I answered.

"Your friend wants you though."

Hearing that I sat up quickly and glared at Randal. "Could have told me that sooner." I muttered. I held my stomach as I walked over to the door.

"Good morning Kelly."

"Tiff!" I cried out.

"Hi. How's it going in there? Your very stubborn aren't you? It's been how many days?"

"Okay when I get out I'm charging you and Shannakay on three counts of kidnapping."

"Yeah right. And I'm married to Channing Tatum," Tiff replied sarcasm dripping from her words.

"Sarcastic bitch," I answered.

"Same to you Kelly, but I just came to say hi. I gotta go lunch is starting now."

"Wait! Tell Shannakay me and Randal made up."

"We already know, but Shanna doesn't classify that as making up." She responded.

"How do you know that..... are y'all watching us?" I joked.

"Yes." Shanna's voice answered serious.

"I can't believe you guys!" I yelled walking away from the door. I walked back to the door. "And what about the baby class Randal scheduled for us? Hmmm did you think about that?"

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