Leaving x2

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Chapter 7
Three days later (Monday)
4:50 am

"Morning sickness," I lifted my head out the toilet and told Randal as he held my hair back.

"Oh," he muttered distantly.

I got up and lightly pushed him back, as I went to brush my teeth. I finished and turned to him leaning against the sink; my stomach bulging out in front of me. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," he replied avoiding my eyes.


"Just tired. Leave me alone Kelly," he snapped.

"You obviously don't want to stay so get out! The baby and I will be fine alone." Tears started running down my face.

"Bitch," Randal yelled going into my room.

I struggled out the door and slowly followed him. "Get your shit, and abandon me and your baby! You no good piece of shit of a father!" I took up one of his shirts and throw it into the hallway. I picked up his bag and threw it into the hall too, before I sat on my bed tired.

Randal had gone home Friday and packed a bag. He stayed the weekend and we were planning for him to stay here while I was pregnant, but that plan was ruined now.

He picked up his stuff in the hall and started walking down the stairs. I followed, but a bit more slower. He was putting on his shoes at the door and I was halfway down the steps.

"Hey asshole! Your really going to leave your girlfriend, while she's three months pregnant?!" I yelled my temper coming out.

He stopped and I did too.

"You were never my girlfriend."

I ran down the stairs as those words hit me. I stopped at him and slapped him straight across his face. "Don't call me."

He stepped close and touched my stomach. "Wouldn't dream of it. I stayed here only for my kid."

"Get out!" I yelled pushing him towards the door. "OUT!" I screamed throwing fists.

I heard the door close and I let out a scream as I slid onto the floor. I felt arms go around me and I looked up hoping it was Randal. I saw my mom and started crying realizing he wouldn't be back.

7:00 am

"Are you sure you want to go to school?" My mom asked standing behind me brushing my hair.

"Yes mom," I answered applying some light makeup.

"Well I have a couple outfits picked out. They are on your couch." She stopped brushing my hair and started braiding it into a side braid.

"Thanks mom," I muttered getting out to take a shower.

"No problem honey," she hugged me and left my room.

In the shower while I was soaping up I felt like a muscle twitch/quiver, but in my stomach.... it kind of tickled too.

I washed off and put on my robe. "Ma! Mom! Mommy!" I yelled stepping out the shower. I walked out my bed room and started down the stairs. "Mother where are you?"

She finally answered and I felt it again. "Mom something's happening in my stomach come feel," she meet me at the edge of stairs and looked at me.

"What, Clover?" She asked she looked a bit upset.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed her hand putting it to my stomach. "You feel that?" I asked.

"It's your baby kicking Clover," she answered giggling. "It's normally, actually it's a good thing it means your baby is fine and healthy."

I started walking back up the stairs. I held my stomach as I did so. "Thanks mom," I yelled from in my room.

I looked at my couch and sat on my bed looking at the outfits. I started getting annoyed and took my laptop. I leaned against my pillows and went online.

'Cute Maternity Clothes for Teens' I searched and this article popped up. I started reading the article and looking at the pictures. "OMG. Mommmmmm!"

"Where's the fire Clover?"

"No fire mother I just have to stay home."

"Okay?" She rolled her eyes and kissed my cheek. "Online shopping I see."

"Yeah forever 21, has this new line called love 21. It's for pregnant teens.... how awesome is that mom," I squealed.

"Awesome," she replied with no enthusiasm.

"Okay fine mom, but can you pass my purse please?" I was still in my robe, but I was covered up with my blanket and my back was against my pillows.

"Goodbye Clover," she left when she got my purse.

I took my phone off it's charger and sent texts to Tiff, Shanna, and Aneliz. I was glad my girls and I had worked it out. I took out my credit cards and focused on my laptop.

I looked at the dresses first and picked out some I liked.

Three hours later

I got up and stretched, a bit stiff.

"Mommy," I yelled once again not realizing how much I was bothering her.

"Yes Clover?" She asked standing in my doorway.

I glared at her and answered, "I do not like being called that SAM." I was mad and annoyed for no reason...... and I sadly was taking to all out on one of the few people that actually cared.

She stared at me shocked. "I'm going to go so you can calm down."

She left and I shouted at the door. "Fine bitch!" My hand slapped against my mouth trying to keep those words from escaping.

I heard her walking down the stairs and I got up (with difficulty). I started walking and I got to the middle of the stairs when I heard the front door closing. I picked up my pace and opened the front door. I saw my mom leaving...

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