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Alright now, We gonna do the basic step
To the left
Take it back now y'all
One hop this time
Right foot. Let's stomp
Left foot. Let's stomp
Cha cha real smooth

My head snapped towards the door as soon as I heard my mother coming downstairs, and I dipped my armed hand back into the bucket before I started scrubbing the walls again.

"Girl, I keep telling you to leave something for me to do. Gone do something"

"I was leaving now, mama. I was just cleaning this wall real quick cause the ants are coming back"

"I got it, Dael. You put bleach in that water?"

"The bricks weren't even this white when we got here" I took a look at the growing white patches on our wall.

A result of my hard scrubbing.

"Good, good. I just hope that you're going somewhere practical, and not to that cookout a few rows back"

Hareem did tell me to stop by.

"No, I was going to the library to study for my learners. I just got my library card too, so I can use the computers now and sign in.

"Good cause I don't want to smack you until you're ashy"

My father walked down the stairs. "She better not be going nowhere where she can go talk to those pre-pubescent dumbasses"

"Daddy, you know Vice came to you about us"

"And that's why we now monitor your phone" He responded. "Ain't no bullshit in my house, no way, no how"

All of Daelin's sent and received messages also went to a phone that her parents had bought just to monitor her messages.

"I know, daddy. Thanks for caring"

"I ain't let her have you so I can be half ass with you. I love you"

"I love you too, daddy. I'll see you guys later"

"Don't let your guard down" My mother reminded.

When I got outside, I looked up at the window and waited for someone to look out.

I walked down the street and as soon as I was far enough away, I turned around, and cut through peoples yards.

Down, down, do ya thang

I tapped Vice on the shoulder, and he turned around awkwardly. "Hello, Daelin. How are you doing?"

That wasn't my nigga.

"What?" I asked, and gave him a hug. He stepped back almost immediately.

I scanned the area twice before somebody waved in my direction, and I saw my dad leaning against the wall with his gun on display for my significant other.

"He loves me too much to shoot me" I reminded myself before walking towards him. "Hi, daddy"

"Uh huh"

He put his gun away, and I smiled at him. "Its a holiday, the library is closed"

"Wassup, niggers!" Jayvon said and walked closer to the table to pick up a bottle.

"Aint shit up, wassup with you?" Daddy asked. Jayvon put the bottle down, and turned towards us.

"Damn. Shit. Hey, pops"

"Hey, dad" Warren slapped Vice and Jayvon on the back of their necks. "Young bloods"

"Wondering why I had two of my kids" Their father walked home.

"I agree. Jay and Renny are annoying sometimes" I went to hug my brothers.

Vice (also known as Hareem) pulled me away afterwards. "Your dad always makes me feel like a bitch"

"Speak up" He called from across the yard.

"Nothing, sir. Have a nice day"

"You still trying for my little sister, huh? Just give it up already" Warren sat on the wooden park bench.

"Trying?" He laughed. "Somebody around here gotta acknowledge our relationship"


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