I got up and opened the door. There was a tray full of my favorite food, a letter, a note and this album.

I sat down and read the note first, it was from Randal. 'Please eat this for the baby, call me when you are ready and just know I love you.' I smiled through my tears and started eating a piece of toast.

I looked at the letter and noticed how it looked. It was old and the front said 'addressed to Clover Kelly Johnson in case something happens to us.' I opened it and started reading it.

'If your reading this it means that we have died. Clover we love you with all our hearts and we will miss you. We have one wish and that is for you not to get mad when we tell you..... We aren't your real parents. Sam is................'

When I finished reading the letter, I held back my tears and did as I was instructed by my parents. I called their lawyers and he did everything from there.


"Oh shit the funeral is tomorrow. I totally forgot." I got up and went to pee before going downstairs to see my real mom.

"Hi mom," I greeted her sitting down.

"Kelly, do you have an outfit for tomorrow?"

"No," I admitted. "But it's only because I can't find anything that will fit me. I'm fat."

"Your pregnant and beautiful," she answered stroking my hair. "I'm sure you'll find something to wear in that big closet of yours," she took my hand and lead me up to my room. "Find something," she said sitting on my bed.

"I don't want to." I whined. I sat on my bed and laid down.

"Fine I'll find you something."

"No." I said looking at the all black dress she held up.

"Ohhhh that's cute, give it to me." I took the dress from my mom and set it beside me. "I'm not sure about it yet, so continue looking."

"Someone needs to buy you a personal shopper." My mom said bringing out another dress.

"I'm wearing that. It's long so I don't have to worry about my shoes and two it's not fully black."

"Okay," she agreed taking the second dress from me. She took the one I wanted and picked out black flats to go with it. She lay them on my mini couch and left with a wave.

"Thanks mom," I yelled after her.

I heard my phone ringing and answered it. It was my 'parents' lawyer.

"Well Mrs. Johnson everything has been approved and confirmed. I have done as their will stated and turned everything over to you. Sam is now listed as your guardian. I will be your new lawyer and once you deliver that baby of yours and make a few months, I'll take you to the business that is now yours."

I thanked him and hung up. I looked at my phone and saw a had a couple unread text. I decided to only text back Randal because we had the doctor's appointment in an hour.

'Get ready' I texted him.

'I am ready. I'm actually outside, so let me in.'

I went inside my closet to look for an outfit knowing one of the butlers or maids would open it for him.

"Kelly... Where are you?"

I rolled my eyes and answered Randal, "In my closet. Just sit on my bed and shut up while I pick out an outfit."

"Someone's a bit moody," he muttered.

"Shut up," I screamed. "You don't have something growing inside of you, making you look fat." I started crying. "And no one at school calls you a slut or whore, and your parents aren't dead. And you didn't just find out that the people you called mom and dad weren't actually mom and dad." Frustration and anger took over as I continued. "And you weren't the 'it' girl of the school. Your best friends didn't ignore you when you needed them the most. This baby has changed EVERYTHING in my life. I'm not the skinny popular cheerleader anymore, I'm the fat loner girl who was stupid enough to get herself pregnant."

I sat on the floor and let out a breath. "I'm going to be a mommy and I'm only a sophomore. I'm suppose to be enjoying high school, and thinking about parties and cute boys not babies and diapers. What if I'm not good enough and it ends up hating me." I was now laying down with my eyes closed.

"It won't. You'll be a great mother, you'll learn and you'll do your best. Plus I sighed us up for some baby classes. We'll be taking it, every Saturday until the baby is born and a bit after," Randal picked me up off the floor and laid me on my bed. "You'll be fine, especially with me here to help," He added laying down next to me. He wrapped me in his arms -pulling me close- and rested his hands on my stomach.

We fell asleep like that, missing our appointment...

(Authors note- Just so you guys know four (4) months has pasted so far and Kelly is three (3) months pregnant. So yeah, that's it. Ohhhhh follow, comment, vote, share do all of that..... Thank you! Oh and here's the link again to see how Kelly's stomach looks: http://theshapeofamother.com/blog/triplet-belly/)

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