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Chapter 6

Four weeks later (Friday)

"OMG she's really pregnant."

"She's a slut."

"A whore."

"Who's the dad?"

"She still looks good though."

"She's pregnant."

Those were the whispers going all around my school. The popular rich cheerleader got knocked up and now I guess that means I'm a slut (note the sarcasm). Just because I got pregnant in high school that doesn't mean I'm a slut.

"Slut," I heard from behind me. I turned and saw Amy.

She's the new popular slut, ever since she found out I was pregnant with Randal's baby she's been a bitch ever since... it didn't help when she figured out a purposely made her break her arm. I'm the loner girl that got herself knocked up. I was kicked off the team and replaced by Amy (though she can't do much.) it's funny how things and people can change in an instant.

I started tearing up remembering what happened exactly four weeks ago.

"Awe the little baby is crying," Amy snickered and everyone turned to us.

"Amy seriously fuck off and go suck a dick. You do realize people don't like you... Like no one at all." I rolled my eyes and started rubbing my stomach. "I'm glad I'm pregnant because now I realize who my real friends are and I realized high school doesn't matter at all, it's going to be over for us in two years. And don't let all this attention get you gased up because all the guys want from you is sex nothing more."

Shannakay, Aneliz and Tiffany pushed their way through the crowd and stood behind me.

"Shut up you pregnant slut."

"Amy. Don't call me a slut, I'm not like you."

"You aren't gonna do shit, pregnant slut," Amy yelled again in my face.

"She can't, but I will," Shannakay threatened.

"We will," Tiffany stepped toward and gently pushed me back, as if trying to protect me. Shannakay and Aneliz stepped next to her.

"I'm not afraid of you guys," Amy said her voice cracking.

"Really now." Shannakay leaped onto Amy pushing her onto the ground.

Amy's army of skanks (stolen from mean girls) tried helping her, but Aneliz and Tiff tackled them too.

I just stood there shocked staring as my friends repeatedly punched Amy and her crew. I snapped out of my trance and tried to pull them off each other.

I was held back by a couple of people.

"Okay break it up!" The principal yelled. A group of security guards pulled the girls off each other.

I made eye contact with my girls and mouthed 'text me' to them and headed outside. I got in my car and groaned frustrated I could barely fit. I drove home and collapsed on my bed. I started day dreaming about that night.

Four weeks earlier

"I'll get the door," Sam announced getting up. She was there for about 5 minutes before she came back into the dining room crying. She handed me a note and I started crying.

"My parents plane crashed and they are dead," I managed. I broke down crying and ran up to my room slamming my door.

I was laying there for a good twenty minutes before I heard a knock.

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