Tay’s POV

I woke up to my alarm “BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP” I rolled over and groaned I hate Monday's. I got up and went into the bathroom taking care of my hygiene I did my hair and came back in to my room. I went to my closet pulling out an outfit I put it on grabbed my book bag & phone and went down stairs. “Hey mom” I said grabbing the already prepared plate she had waiting for me on the counter. “Hey Tai enjoy your breakfast I have to get to work”. With that said she gave me a kiss on my forehead and left out the door.  My phone started ring “AYO It’s me” I heard in Rocs voice repeating, I looked at the message –Open the door Big head.  I went and opened the door & there he was grinning “You ready?” He asked “Yea let’s bounce” I said going back in the kitchen to get my book bag & putting my plate in the sink.  We started walking to school.

 Roc & I have been friends since baby days. His father & my father were pretty much brothers they lived laughed & sadly died together. Since the day at the funeral when Roc and I were 7 we made a pact that we would have each other’s back till the end just like our fathers did.

Then me & Prince were skating at the rink & Bahja fell & she went 1 way & her weave went the other. I swear I died and came back I WAS WEAK” Roc said telling me what happened last night. I was cracking up “Dang did anyone get that on camera?” I asked laughing “Nah I wish” he said still laughing. We finally reached the school and immediately Roc’s girlfriend Lexi came up to him kissing him. I just kept walking I wasn’t going to sit there and watch them kiss and plus I can’t stand her. I kept walking to my locker and I heard Roc jogging up behind me. “Why’d you leave me like that?” he asked putting his arm around my shoulder. “Roc don’t even play stupid” I said removing his hand from my shoulder. “Why you acting like that though Tay?” he said stopping at my locker and leaning on it. “Because I don’t see how you can get back with her” “She apologized” He said. “So she cheated on you multiple times and I’m not saying I’m not going to be there for you but how many times do I have to talk you back into rebuilding yourself just for you just to get back with her & let her break you again” I said letting everything off my off my chest.

Because you see Roc and Lexi have been on & off since for the last couple of month and in that time she cheated on him with almost 7 boys yet he always goes back to her I don’t get it.

 “Okay” He said and he just left. I got my stuff out my locker and went to my first period class. I got to the door & I seen Roc in his seat this day is going to drag along because me and roc have all of our classes together HOW PERFECT sarcasm intended. I went and set down in my seat next to him I swear there was a brick wall of tension between us. Geometry finally started and Ray & Prince came in I was relived. “What’s going with y’all? You guys are usually in here talking like no tomorrow” Ray asked squinting his at us I just rolled my eyes and continued writing down notes. About 15 minutes in to the period I saw a folded paper on my table so I opened it. “Roc- Why’d you decide to tell me now? :T” was the only thing written on my paper. “Tay- Because I knew you would act just like how your acting now Trey & It wouldn’t matter anyway” I wrote back & put it on his desk. He scribbled something down and passed it back “Roc- Why you using my name you mad at me? & I thought you were my best friend you should’ve just told me because it does matter”. I read that and got mad that he questioned our friendship. “Tay- WERE? Whatever Trey” I crumbled it into a ball and threw it on his desk. He read it and before he could respond the bell rang I got my stuff and left. (Skipping to the end of the day) I was somehow able to avoid Roc all day by changing my seats in our classes and skipping lunch. But even though I was mad at Roc I wasn’t going to just ditch him after school like that so I went back at to his locker and was waiting there with my friends Claribel & Nikki. They were just about to leave then he finally came I hugged them goodbye and went down the hallway to the exit with Roc walking next to me. The whole walk home was silent but he still came to my house as always because his mom didn’t come home until midnight so he spent the evenings with us.

“You still mad at me?” Roc asked going in the kitchen I jumped on to the counter and shrugged my shoulders. “Tutu don’t be mad Pleaseee I didn’t mean it like that I swear” Roc said giving the puppy dog eyes and using my old nickname you would think after knowing him for 16 years I wouldn’t be able to be tricked but he was just to adorable. “Alright I forgive you” I said not even looking at him then he stood in front of me standing in between my legs with his arms wide open. “It’s not official until you hug me” he said grinning so I opened my arms and he hugged me really tight pulling me off the counter and spinning around. I couldn’t do anything but smile he is really my best friend. 

Not really sure how i feel about this story lets just see how it goes  Fan Comment add to your Library anything Lol Tell me how it is :) any tips will be highly appreciated :)

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