Divided: Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

“Everybody, up!” the young guard spoke in a tone harsh enough to create tingles on my skin every time he talked. His voice made the cell suddenly colder as prisoners quickly got up, despite their starved bodies and struggles to stand on their feet. My own legs shook with trepidation. My filthy t-shirt and baggy pants felt like a heavy weight holding me down, and when I finally stood up fully, it took everything in me to stay standing.

“In a line!” he yelled, his lip quivering with anger. Sweat had started to form on his non-blemished forehead. The guard’s skin was like porcelain. His eyes were so dark that they looked like black holes, and as he glared at all of us, everyone seemed to get sucked into staring back at him, with their mouths slightly open. His allure was too much to handle for most. I, on the other hand, glared back at him with my lips in a grim line.

 “Filthy humans, they can never understand simple rules…dumber than rats,” he muttered before spitting on the ground and looking satisfied that some had found its way onto a boys arm. The boy showed no emotion. We scrambled to line up, taking only seconds before we were all facing the guard. In the corner of my eye, I could see some of the prisoners shaking.

When he was satisfied that we were all lined up, his sneer eased into a cruel smile. My fear intensified as his smile grew, and I wondered how someone as handsome as him could be so ugly on the inside. 

Even if he wasn't human.

In this world, we were taught that beauty was the real reason that evil existed. Ever since the Others had overthrown our government and had taken power, we were forced to accept that looks were everything. But deep down, us humans knew that it was the root of evil.

A year ago, our world had been invaded by an alien race. At first, we had thought there had been a surprise attack on the United States. Little did we know, these incidents had struck overnight in all parts of the world. Chaos had erupted. 

The Others' beauty and persuasion tactics were too much for most to handle. Over 90% of all humans were not able to resist the Others, causing the downfall of governments and societies around the world. This alien race was abnormally beautiful, and compared to them we were all plain. 

The Others had porcelain skin, so beautiful and flawless it looked airbrushed. Their eyes were their ultimate weapon; if you looked into them, you were hooked immediately. Most had dark black eyes, but if one were to look into them, they could see whatever the Others wanted them to. Some reports say the images they can put into your head can drive you insane. Other reports say they can bend your feelings into making you feel so much passion, anger, or sadness that you do whatever they want you to do.

Lucky for me, I was one of the few who could resist it.

The guard started to pace back and forth in front of the bars, eyeing each and every one of us. I could feel the ice beneath his stare, and I got colder and colder until finally, his eyes settled on me. My breathing hitched. Why was he staring at me? 

“You.” He snarled, pointing at me. Immediately, more guards entered the cell and came right for me. Everyone near me tensed up, and I felt my legs give away beneath me.

“No!” I yelled. “What do you want from me?”

Roughly, the guards picked me up, not seeming to care if I broke anything. I kicked with all I could. I did not want to be taken away from here. I could not survive outside of this cell, where everything was based on looks. Currency, government, and who you had to marry. It was all characterized by beauty. I didn’t have that, especially since I had been malnourished for a couple of months since they had arrived. 

The only defense I had was the ability to resist their temptations.

But I couldn’t help it. They were too strong for me. Finally, I let go, and let them take me. I could feel my body start to give in to it's physical needs that hadn't been satisfied. My too thin body was giving out. Dizziness took over me, and black spots appeared in my vision. Then, I was tumbling into oblivion.

Into the hands of evil.

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